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SaaS Application Development Technology

How SaaS Application
Development can Benefit

Zero Investment! SaaS development services offer great payoff to the customers
from spending a lot on buying hosting/domain, installing, maintaining or updating the software.
SaaS applications are easy to access yet and highly cost effective.

Apart from being reliable and secure, SaaS application development ensures:

  • Better accessibility with browser in any network
  • No compatibility issue with other platforms
  • Easy on-boarding, customization and deployment
  • Secure, safe and tightly integrated
  • Single/Multitenant architecture
  • Point & click for updates
  • No performance issue
  • Reduced Cost over license purchasing

14+ Years of Customer Satisfaction

  • 250+


  • 40+

    PHP Developers

  • 350+

    Solutions Delivered

  • 35+

    Countries including USA

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Our SaaS Developers Hiring Options

Hire SaaS Developer
Dedicated Developers

This is the best hiring option, where you get direct access to developers, who can work in your timezone, get direction from you and deliver to your needs. The billing cycle is monthly and you get 160 hours of time for each developer you hire.

Time and Material Based

This is the most suitable option when your project scope is not fully determined, our developers analyses your assignment and give a timeline, and complete it with your approval.

Fixed Cost Model

This is for the type of project where the requirement is expected to be almost frozen so is the cost. Any additions would add cost.

Our Pricing Model

  • Direct Access & Communication
  • Flexibility to Accommodate Changes
  • Cost-effective Hiring
  • High Quality deliverables
  • Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down of Resources
  • Ability to work in your Time Zone
  • Monthly billing cycle with complete transparency
  • Free Project Collaboration Tool

For experienced dedicated SaaS developer

  • Estimation before development
  • Change request management
  • Cost-effective billing rate
  • Regular updates from manager
  • Communication through tools
  • Monthly billing cycle with complete transparency
  • Free Project Collaboration Tool access

$15 - $30

Per hour to hire SaaS Developer

How our Dedicated SaaS Application
Developers can Help you

At Andolasoft our experienced SaaS application developers transform your business ideas to a full-fledged application. The SaaS applications and products we have developed are helping to benefit our customers, empowering to excel in competitive market ensuring high ROI.

We are a top SaaS application development company with hands-on experience in creating high-performing robust applications. Our SaaS services include:

SaaS Application Development
SaaS Consulting Service

We have long experience in domain which enables us to help startups plan and deploy their SaaS application strategy effectively.

App Design & Development

We are an end-to-end SaaS solution provider converting your ideas into robust and expandable Software-as-a-Service applications.

Mobile SaaS Application

We have the resources, expertise and technology to develop or move your on-premise SaaS solution to any native/hybrid Mobile platform.

Multi-tenant Saas Architecture

We help technology vendors with optimal resource sharing by planning and implementing multi-tenant management tools.

3rd Party Integration Service

From developing custom APIs and linking external data sources to adding payment gateways, all third-party integrations are done.

Analytics & Data Management

We have expert SaaS developers to create and integrate bespoke data analytics with the use of pre-built or custom tools.

On-demand SaaS Service

SAAS application owners need the power of the cloud backing to deliver on-demand service, from deploying to managing the apps on the cloud.

Data Visualization Solutions

Users want to visualize the details in a ready to use form so that making faster, better and wiser business decisions will be possible.

Cloud App Scaling

We can help you scale app resources by leveraging the power of the cloud. The cloud allows the same scaling options like in a traditional SaaS model.

Know more about your dream SaaS app

SaaS offers outstanding benefits over traditional application development. Our SaaS application developers understand what your business needs when it comes to delivering digital products and services.

Our SaaS Development Process

Our SaaS development process covers consultancy, planning, designing,
development, testing, 3rd party integration, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Our SaaS Development Process

Our SaaS Products

Technologies Used:
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • MySQL
  • WooCommerce
  • jQuery
My team (Hailstorm-Development) and I LOVE Orangescrum! We are a flextime remote business solution specialist agency, and this tool has enabled us to actually create this company. Without you all, we wouldn't even exist!
Orangescrum Customer
Hayley Turner
Founder & CEO, Hailstorm


A simple project management software to deliver projects faster and get more paid with accurate billable hours. It helps to plan, track and manage tasks, projects, teams and more - all in one place.

  • Task Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Templates
  • User Role Management
  • Reports & Analytics


Streamline your sales activities, improve your productivity & create powerful customer relationships, with this simple & easy-to-use CRM tool. Features to suit everyone's needs, a whole new UI & some exciting Integrations to choose from.

  • Streamline your sales pipeline
  • Stay in touch with all your leads
  • Crystal clear lead stages
  • More control over sales activities
  • Ensure smooth collaboration
  • CRM for Small & Medium Businesses
Smart CRM Tool
Technologies Used:
  • RoR
  • Angular JS
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • AWS
Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI, which makes CRM work joyful. I liked the UI and it’s easy to work with. Wakeupsales has a plugin library that’s going to increase very soon, I’m sure. Great work. Keep it up.
Orangescrum Customer
Taylan Toprak
Owner |, Turkey

Industry Experience

Why Hire Our Dedicated SaaS Developer?

Hire Dedicated SaaS Developer?
High Quality Coding Standards

Our SaaS Developers follow strict guidelines for maintaining coding standards ensuring clean and secure

In-time Delivery within Budget

Our Dedicated SaaS Developer make sure to complete your project in-time and within the budget. We encourage using Project collaboration tool like to our customers to stay on track with the progress.

Transparency in Billing

Our SaaS development process is managed through right tools, bells and whistles, ensure you to get regular updates, clarification requests if any and get your inputs as & when required.

Cost Effective Pricing

Since our dedicated SaaS developers are in India, we are able to deliver with best turn-around time for our US customers, satisfy you for the value for your money.

Experience with Diverse Verticals

While celebrating our 13th Anniversary, our best SaaS developers bring value of their huge experience of wide range of verticals/domains.

One Stop Shop

Our long list of SaaS Development Services makes sure that each of your services are effectively taken care of by our dedicated SaaS developers.

Develop cost-effective SaaS apps and get maximum ROI

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Frequently Asked Question?

SaaS stands for software as a service. It's a method for delivering technology solutions, including software and applications, over the web. However, you can purchase SaaS through a subscription model.

SaaS stands for Software as a service. It is a method used to deliver application over the internet rather than through a standalone application. Instead of installing it and maintaining all your software and hardware necessary to host your application and data, you just need to access the application through a web browser.

SaaS applications are often referred to as web-based software, on-demand software or hosted applications. It mostly run on the provider’s server rather than the in-house infrastructure, free your business from any kind of inexpensive hardware purchase and maintenance. It also helps you to improve the security, scalability and availability.

SaaS Product Development Company provides cloud based application and software for the customers as a service. SaaS Development services will built, maintain, provide and host all the product on its own, or it might be an organisations which outsource the development of the product and provides hosting and support to its customers.

SaaS signifies Software as a service, it is a software model in which a service provider can host the application for customer and makes it available to them through the internet.

SaaS Development Company builds SaaS solutions for enterprises and stratus looking to host applications over their servers and provide them to customers via the internet.

SaaS architecture refers to a method of software delivery, in which a vendor hosts an application on a remote server for an organization before delivering the app's capabilities to that organization's end users over the Internet.

So, how long does it take to build a saas product? That depends. It could take anywhere from 2 months to 10 months, and possibly longer, but for most SaaS MVPs, it shouldn't take longer than 6 months

The benefits of SaaS solution is its cost saving, as SaaS provides numerous benefits for various reasons. With this you can save the cost of purchasing and installing hardware. This equipment is necessary to support all the dedicated applications and data hosting is not included as a factor of SaaS solution. Also it reduces the equipment overhead which states that fewer personnel were required to update and maintain.

Also, if you are utilizing for a cloud based solution from any SaaS vendor, the solution are mostly licensed that depends on the subscriptions. It eliminates all the financial burden of maintaining and purchasing the complicated software licenses. Often some are not utilised to its full capacity. With SaaS you can purchase the seats that you need for each user.

As the SaaS applications are web based, you don't need any proprietary or any specialized equipment. Anyone in the web browser with an internet connection can access the software. Also you can increase your saving from the equipment.

As no two companies are same, even for the ones who are operating from same industry? Each business has its own needs and unique process that they follow.

However to keep up with the changing markets, the organization adapting the customers demand in order to stay ahead in the competition. The best way to do this is to have the software that matches all your specific process.

Selecting the right software which changes alongside your company is a seldom and an easy undertaking process. With the right SaaS application you can design and develop the whole industry, and as a result, it becomes difficult to tailor them in order to fit your business unique requirement.

So, these are the benefits provided by the SaaS platform, as they are built with the web technology, these are highly adaptable and flexible. In other words they are pretty simple to customize and fulfil all your business requirements.

A custom built SaaS platform, you own for the entire product and custom, top to bottom. You get to decide its features and the way it is built.

A SaaS developer can be a freelancer or belongs to an agency that is specialized in maintaining and developing the SaaS application. These developers focus on the providing a complete solution through a web based technology like CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. It consist of all the relevant frameworks.

It is also a fluent database that is designed and managed, software design and patterns unlike MVC, and many other development methodologies and practices.

They need to be fluent in user experience design and also in research so they can develop a solid foundation in design thinking.

SaaS applications is also refer as a hosted software. The cloud computing is used to deliver a single application to various customers, irrespective of their location. This allow to handle all the activities from central location through a one to way model

SO, the administrator doesn’t have to worry regarding the software updates. The SaaS technology aims to reduce the cost and time of deployment.

This minimum viable product has the most basic version of the product that are integrated with all the core features and functionality that are included in the final products. An MVP is developed in the first phase to test its potential in the market.

The MVP will reduce the chance of failure and help you to develop a final product which will meet all the market expectations of your customers.

The web development cost of a web portal is the first from project to project, based on the features and functionality needed are included.

You will get all the information regarding the costing estimation after a thorough discussion about all the requirements and your project demand.

We understand to protect all the important information. By signing the non-disclosure agreement will ensure that all information regarding the project is kept secured.

Most of our clients expect us to start from scratch, which means from the discovery stage. If you have already prepared the wireframes, it’s great, because you have already head start to the project. We will check these frames to discuss further on the development process with you.

As you are a owner of these app idea, the entire software belongs to you. The project is developed on your behalf, so it is not handled at any stage of the development.

Our whole team will provide full support and maintenance services to deliver the SaaS solution in order to ensure that these application never face any downtime and remains up to date.

We provide best industry grade-practise which ensures a secured SaaS solution. You need proper compliance in place, to focus on meeting the compliance requirements while developing the SaaS Platforms.

Some of the SaaS business metrics that matter the most are:

Here are few SaaS metrics that can be used:

  • Churn (customer and revenue)
  • Activation Rate (AR)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Cost of Acquiring a Customer (CAC)
  • The lifetime value of the customer
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

These metrics creates a greater impact on the development of SaaS. It will be great if the company can connect with you back with the metrics along with the customer experience.

The SaaS application can either be developed from template building websites like WordPress or through scratch. Yes, it is right, WordPress can be used to create a SaaS solution.

However, some of the best SaaS Application platforms are the one through which people will get a SaaS product developed, they have to pay attention to all the requirements. If the enterprise want a SaaS product which are properly customized then they need to try to develop it from scratch. The main thing to look for is the requirements.

There are lots of tools which can be used for SaaS software development. Here are some of these tools, listed below:

  • Profitwell Metrics
  • Xero
  • HubSpot
  • Appcues
  • Google Analytics
  • Quickbooks
  • Mixpanel
  • Blissfully
  • Intercom

There are lots of tools that can be used by the SaaS developers, but the ones that are already mentioned above were used widely. These tools makes the development process more easy and efficient. These tools will allow the user to focus on the creativity and innovation.

The basic difference between a developer and a consultant is, the consultant knows about the business and the marketing part beside from just the development thing. They are the ones who will understand what software will work and which one not, how to run the software, that works decently to a great one.

With the software consultants you get to understand the people and not only the software development. With a SaaS based company you need a software consultants. They can understand and convince the clients on how the service works and how it will benefit.

You have to understand the number of active smartphone users, our professional team of SaaS developers will bring the SaaS solution to its mobile platform. We provide expertise in both hybrid and native mobile application platform.

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Key Challenges and Solutions

Your Challenges

SaaS is a delivery model of business solutions where the application is hosted on the vender server and available for the users as a subscription basis. Let's look at the top challenges:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Access challenges
  • A customizable system
  • Managing SaaS subscription lifecycle
  • Security

Our Solutions

Andolasoft offers a proprietary SaaS development environment enabling you to extend and customize your SaaS applications in an easy, secure and cost-effective way.

  • Experts follow best cloud consulting process that integrates traditional applications with SaaS
  • SaaS Developers monitor the facts and develop the access control system.
  • SaaS experts consider complexity & integrations impact while evaluating customizations.
  • SaaS team deploy the billing systems into a SaaS application to manage SaaS subscription lifecycle
  • High secure and subscription based service.