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ILS carries out multidisciplinary research in the area of life sciences to propagate overall improvement of human health, and longevity.

The institute posts multiple job applications to attract top talents in their field.

ILS needed an online job portal that can store applicant information online and streamline the selection process. The online job portal led to increased outreach, faster application processing, and freed physical storage.

Overview of ILS
About ILS

About ILS

ILS is an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The organization carries out multidisciplinary research in the area of life sciences to propagate development in the areas of human health, longevity, agriculture and environment.

The organization carries out cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art technology and equipment in the fields of cancer biology, auto-immune disorders, genetic disorders, viral infections etc.

The institute employs cutting-edge technologies to acquire insights into pathogen biology and immune-regulation processes at cellular and molecular levels.

The Need

ILS hires high-level faculty from diverse fields for their multidisciplinary research programmes.

ILS wanted Andolasoft to develop online job application portal to:

  • Increase outreach- Enable ILS to reach a larger pool of potential candidates. Job seekers can apply for positions regardless of their physical location.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency- Streamline hiring process, save time and reduce cost. Eliminated physical application processes such as printing, mailing, and manual processing.

  • Improved Organization and Efficiency- Automated features made sorting, filtering, and managing candidate profiles easier. It made the recruitment process simpler allowing them to review, shortlist and track applications faster.

The Need of ILS

What We Did?

  • Developed an online job application portal using CakePHP 3.4 for ILS.

  • Design user-interface, add forms for data input by applicants.

  • Implemented user-registration and file-upload feature to make it easier for users to create and manage their accounts.

  • Improve job portal usability by simplifying navigation and streamlining applicant journeys.

  • Implement cross-device compatibility to make the job portal mobile responsive.


  • The implementation of the online job portal of ILS resulted in increased outreach, in turn raised the numbers of applications received.

  • Able to store applicants' information and supporting documents online for easier access, and quicker evaluation.

  • Resulting in faster and more effective communication between ILS and the job seekers.

customer review of ILS
customer review of ILS

Andolasoft provided outstanding development services, the best part was their fast turnaround to the problems we raised at any point of time.

The team worked diligently to understand our requirements and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.

I would gladly recommend Andolasoft to anyone looking for cutting-edge web development solutions.

customer review of ILS

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