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Project Overview

The idea behind this portal is to make everyone aware about the government approved subsidies in various industries and segments. One of our esteemed customers has approached us to develop an AI enabled portal which can help users to find subsidies on various government schemes for their business needs, based on their locations and eligibility.

They were looking to make the search process easier and interactive. So that the Integration of AI-enabled question prompts will help the system to filter suitable schemes applicable to the end-user. Users can download the reports in PDF based on the selected subsidies.

Overview of Subsidy
About Subsidy

About Subsidy Portal

The cutting-edge platform is designed to access government incentives and subsidies easily. Backed by a team of experts well-versed in government subsidy programs, it provides consultancy services to help clients maximize their benefits from both central and state governments.

The Requirements

  • Integrate the user registration feature and OTP-based user login and the admin portal to manage the subsidies and related information.

  • Develop the subsidy benefit calculation based on user inputs and enable users to download the detailed report in PDF format.

  • Integrate advanced AI-enables question prompts to provide the most suitable subsidy for the user based on their inputs.

  • Provide tech consultation to develop their subsidy database portal.

  • Offer website marketing to make their website stand out in the crowd.

The Need of Subsidy

What We Did?

  • Provide tech consultation to the client based on their business requirements.

  • Marketing their website to create awareness among users.

  • Developed the user registration module and Integrated mobile number verification with OTP using Python.

  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to prompt users with various questions and provide accurate responses about relevant subsidies based on user inputs.

  • Develop the admin portal to manage the subsidies, related information, build benefit calculation logic, and generate subsidy reports in PDF.


  • Users are able to get updated information on Government subsidies from a single platform based on their eligibility, location, industry and other criterias.

  • Interact with AI-enable question prompts that filter the scheme options for the users based on their inputs.

  • Create a profile in the portal and save subsidy reports.

customer review of Subsidy
customer review of Subsidy

The Government subsidy finder portal developed by Andolasoft has revolutionised the way we search for grants. The intuitive design and search filters have saved countless hours of the users. The AI-enabled question answers interface provides accurate subsidy suggestions. Andolasoft developed the application diligently and provided guidance and support when needed.

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