Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Reduce operational costs with workflows and deliver high-quality of service

What is RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process automation technology to use software robots with the elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the digital system of human interaction to execute the business process. RPA utilizes the user interface to capture data and perform accordingly.

RPA UiPath As a COVID Saviour

The world is facing the most difficult and challenging times of our entire generation. And businesses are taking the hardest hit in these hardships. With people confined to their homes and remaining secluded, businesses are not able to function without their manpower.

So the only way forward for the future is Automation. And RPA or Robotic Process Automation is leading the technology and operational shift aiming to bail out businesses out of this tough situation.

And UiPath is the leading RPA solution provider in the market right now.

RPA Benefits

With the help of digital transformation Robotic Process Automation unlocks high return on investment

What's New in RPA

Impact of RPA in Digital Transmission

RPA has become one of the main business processes in most of the organisation and its demand is more in digital transformation strategies. It automates the business process quickly and started performing as a human which helps the business operations intelligently. RPA has the power to accelerate any digital transformation strategy. Because of this COVID-19, the process of every business organisation has changed and bots are really performing well with RPA.

How Businesses and Organizations are fighting the Covid economic slowdown

Few of the business cases where UiPath is not only impacting the covid situation and addressing the problem of Manpower shortage but also keeping humans safe and sound by automating manual tasks exposed to human interaction.

Addressing delays in claim and payment processing due to staff reduction in a large dental healthcare organization.

UiPath is helping a leading Covid vaccine maker in accelerating its mission critical testing process and eventually helping them to reduce the market introduction timeline.

Using Uipath an Insurance company has deployed virtual working environments for its numerous employees with very less time than it would take to configure them manually. This increased its productivity within less time and helped the organization in complete utilization of its workforce.

UiPath is helping the Flemish Govt in Belgium to disburse financial help to businesses and entrepreneurs amid the Corona pandemic. UiPath bots check whether an applicant is entitled to the financial aid using the Flemish Access and User Management System and automated the approval or rejection of the requests.

Robotic Process Automation Services

What Industry Use RPA ?