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In Support and Maintenance

By Jay Dee

Rush Traffic to Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization

On 08, Oct 2010 | No Comments | In Support and Maintenance | By Jay Dee


Search Engine Optimization can be termed as the science of flooding web traffic into a website. A website is generally built for the purpose of exhibiting the product and services of a particular enterprise. Its sole objective is to make people aware of the services it offers and procure them. But in this vast web space, occupied by millions of websites, it not easily feasible anymore. It is the search engines like google, yahoo etc which help us to search and view websites or information from the web.

Search Engine Optimization of such a website is indispensible nowadays. SEO not only a website from getting misplaced but also helps it to get discovered in the top search engine page results, thus enhancing visibility of the website to maximum people and facilitating in the company’s growth. Andolasoft Inc, a SEO company situated in Silicon Valley provides cost-effective SEO services with quick turnaround time.

SEO incorporates several free link building techniques to optimize a website. These include submissions of directories, articles, blogs, press releases, classified Ad postings, etc. It also takes the help of viral marketing techniques like social networking and media sharing to spread out the website’s brand awareness. Viral marketing, if done in a manipulative and creative way, will bring in positive results within no time. SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is yet another method to improve a websites global exposure, although it’s a money based technique. SEO on the other hand, comprising of free techniques, is best suited for startup enterprises and helps in getting their job done with minimal resources.

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In Ruby on rail

By Jay Dee

Steps to add ‘Elasticsearch’ to Rails App

On 02, May 2014 | No Comments | In Ruby on rail | By Jay Dee

ElasticSearch-to-Rail-AppsWhat is Elasticsearch?

Searching on websites is important from a content discovery and user usability perspective. It allows readers to control the way they look for content instead of navigating through menus. Elasticsearch is a distributed open source search server based on Apache Lucene, much like Solr. It allows for real-time searching and the ability to scale easily through replicas. It has a REST API and communicates over JSON. We will use a gem called Tire to communicate with it.

What is the Problem if you don’t use a search engine?

If your application requires a full text search, then it is better to add a search engine like elasticsearch to the application. As normal queries to the database for the full text search might slow down your performance. You will end up with complex queries.

Tire is an elasticsearch ruby client. It can be used in any Ruby project, but it also has some nice model functionality to make it easy to integrate into a Rails application. It is actively maintained, has a large amount of users, and also integrates nicely with Rails and ActiveModel.

Install elasticsearch in your server

$curl -L -O -k
$mv elasticsearch-0.90.0.Beta1 elasticsearch

Install the Elasticsearch Service Wrapper

$curl -L -k | tar -xz
$mv *servicewrapper*/service elasticsearch/bin/
$elasticsearch/bin/service/elasticsearch install
$ln -s `readlink -f elasticsearch/bin/service/elasticsearch` /usr/local/bin/rcelasticsearch (optional use )
$rcelasticsearch start or /etc/init.d/elasticsearch start

By default the server on port 9200 ex: http://localhost:9200
We can communicate to the server manually if we want through the JSON REST API.

Add the following gem in your gemfile

gem 'tire'

Run the bundle install

To make the Article searchable with Tire, just include below lines of code in your model

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
include Tire::Model::Search
include Tire::Model::Callbacks
To create index for elasticsearch server run the below command
1$ rake environment tire:import:all

You can also force-import the data by deleting the index first

$ rake environment tire:import CLASS=’Article’ FORCE=true

Add the following in your model

def true) do
query { string params[:query]} if params[:query].present?

Add the following in your controller

def index
if params[:query].present?
@articles = => params[:page], :per_page => 12)
@articles = Article.all
Step#7 Add the search form>
<%= form_tag articles_path, method: :get do %>
<%= text_field_tag :query, params[:query] %>
<%= submit_tag "Search", name: nil %>
<% end %>

To know the which model are indexed you can test by running the followings in your browser


To test the elasticsearch run the followings in your browser which will return the data in JSON format


Andolasoft is one stop shop for Ruby on Rails app development. We Design, develop & deploy Rails application in cloud for start-ups & established businesses. If you look for any type of assistance, please contact us.

Like this blog? I’d love to hear about your thoughts on this. Thanks for sharing your comments.

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In Ipad

By Jay Dee

KurrentJobs the Awesome iPhone app in App store to manage your job search

On 22, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Ipad | By Jay Dee

KJIn this era of Industrialization, everyone is planning to build a company of their own and run a successful business, but they’re going to need skilled employees to get their jobs done. Job posting websites could really make their search easy, but with all the available job board options, both recruiters and job seekers are getting frustrated in looking for right choices. Because job seekers can’t find the right choice of companies as per their skills and experience, as well as the recruiters are getting misled by recruiting consultants and end up with the wrong candidates.


As a solution to above problem, iPhone developers @ Andolasoft have designed a simple and secure iPhone app named “kurrentJobs”. It acts as a social media job portal for both recruiters and job seekers, which allows individuals, startups and established companies to post jobs as per their requirements. Jobs are categorized on the basis of skills, experience and on type of jobs like Full-time, Part-time and Freelance. The app is user friendly, and recruiters can post or manage their job posts from anywhere and anytime. The app is secure with the integration of social plug-ins like Facebook and Twitter. The app has provided links to recruiter sites and also integrated LinkedIn to help job seekers to apply for jobs. This app can access network communications and storage content on your mobile devices for easier use. The app is FREE to download and install on your iPhone, from the Apple App store.

Within a short span of time, Andolasoft has now become one of the major mobile app development companies in Silicon Valley. We’ve achieved success in developing iPhone apps as we use agile methodologies, innovative work environment supported by creative iPhone developers. For more information about our iPhone and iPad apps please visit iPhone application development page.

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In Uncategorized

By Jay Dee

SEO Helps You Make Money Online!

On 10, Dec 2009 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Jay Dee


SEO is considered as one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available. Today the optimized result pages of most search engines are just like the yellow pages of earlier times. Starting from business names to product name to the type of services in the offering; people now prefer to look for search engines for any kind of information.SEO will widen up your business to the online market segments which you have never considered earlier. Getting higher rank on search engine page will help you attract higher traffic. But getting higher traffic is not the solution; you need to get quality traffic that can turn to be your potential business leads. Only a quality SEO service provider like Andolasoft can generate quality traffic for your site.

Unlike other search engine optimization service providers, Andolasoft doesn’t guarantee overnight result for your website. There are sites that might be using Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing to bring your site to the top. But then these methods are more like pay-per-click engines where you will have to pay for each click on your link. Moreover, it’s no guarantee to reach through your target audience.At Andolasoft, we don’t claim to make your site into the top of the search engine result page (SERP) because it depends on several factors. What we can guarantee our effort for the ethical SEO services. Our successful client list is a guarantee of our successful stint in SEO service arena.


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In CakePHP

By Prakash S.

How to setup CakePHP DataSource for Solr?

On 04, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In CakePHP | By Prakash S.


Imagine that you have millions of data and your SQL database is not optimized enough to handle them, then “Solr” is your best data source. Apache Solr is a fast search platform. It’s major features include full-text search faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document handling. Solr is highly scalable and it is the most popular enterprise search engine.

This document will guide you through DataSource setup for Solr in CakePHP. Set-up the Solr DataSource in CakePHP and query Solr with your CakePHP model “find” function, just similar to querying any other SQL database.


Configuring your the DataSource for Solr database connection:

  • host: Solr server address.
  • port: Solr server port.
  • datasource: This should match with your DataSource at /app/Model/Datasource/SolrSource.php
public $solr = array(
 'datasource' => 'SolrSource',
 'host' => '',
 'port' => '9983',
 'path' => '/solr/'


Use the database config in your models like:

class Solr extends AppModel {
 public $useTable = false;
 public $useDbConfig = 'solr';


Below code describes only the most required functions.

  • You can find other required functions at
    Like: calculate($model, $func, $params) and others create(), update(), delete().
  • Below DataSource only implements read() function.
  • Create a file called SolrSource.php and use below code:
App::uses('HttpSocket', 'Network/Http');
 class SolrSource extends DataSource {

protected $_schema = array();
 protected $_host;
 protected $_port;

public function __construct($config){
 $this->Http = new HttpSocket();

$this->host = $config['host'];
 $this->port = $config['port'];
 $this->_schema = $config['path'];

$this->solr=new Apache_Solr_Service($this->host, $this->port, $this->_schema);

public function read(Model $model, $queryData = array(), $recursive = null) {
 $results = array();
 $query = $queryData['conditions']['solr_query'];
 if (Configure::read('log_solr_queries') === true) {
 CakeLog::write('debug', $query); /* Logs the solr query in app/tmp/logs/debug.log file */

try {
 $solr_docs = $this->solr->search($query, $queryData['offset'], $queryData['limit'], array('sort' => $queryData['order']));
 } catch (Exception $e) {
 CakeLog::write('error', $e->getMessage()); /* Logs the solr errors message in app/tmp/logs/error.log file */
 CakeLog::write('error', $query); /* Logs the solr query in app/tmp/logs/error.log file */
 $model->params = $solr_docs->responseHeader->params;
 $model->numFound = $solr_docs->response->numFound;
 $docs = $solr_docs->response->docs;
 foreach ($docs as $doc) {
 $document = array();
 foreach ($doc as $fieldName => $fieldValue) {
 $document[$fieldName] = $fieldValue;
 $results[] = $document;
 return array($model->alias => $results);


Getting data from Solr server by using above SolrSource.

App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');
 class UsersController extends AppController {

public $name = 'Users'; //Controller name
 public $uses = array('Solr'); //Model name

function beforeFilter(){

public function index(){
 $cond = "active:1";
 $sort = "timestamp desc";

$params = array(
 'conditions' =>array(
 'solr_query' => $cond
 'order' => $sort,
 'offset' => 0,
 'limit' => 1

$result = $this->Solr->find('all', $params);
 $this->layout = 'ajax';
 header('Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8'); /* To send response in json format */
 echo json_encode($result);

See Also : How to use ‘neighbors’ with ‘find’ method


The above code has been tested and validated with CakePHP 2.2.3, PHP 5.3.1 .
Incase you face any problems:

  • First check the DataSource configuration in /app/Config/database.php.
  • Check /app/Model/Solr.php for this line: public $useDbConfig = ‘solr’;
  • Make sure Solr Service Vendor loaded in /app/Model/Datasource/SolrSource.php.
  • Check the path is correct for the Solr vendor.

Hope you liked this. Let me know if you want to add anything?

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