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Search Engine Optimization can be termedas the science of flooding web traffic into a website.

A website is generally built for the purpose of exhibiting the product and services of a particular enterprise. Its sole objective is to make people aware of the services it offers and procure them.

App Store Optimization (ASO)is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, App Store OptimizationAndroid, or Windows Phone app) in an app store (such as iTunes or Google Play or windows marketplace). App store optimization is just like search engine optimization to improve the app findings by users in an app store. App store optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store's search results and top charts rankings. Ranking higher in search results and top charts will help in more downloads for an app

Now-a-days usage of cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox are very popular. In general it is too hard to find a specific file from large heap of files in these cloud storages. We at Andolasoft released of a new FREE app named Patia to make your life easy.
Patia is designed to help you search Google Drive and Dropbox to find the shared files and documents from cloud storage without having to check them individually.
How does Patia work?
With Patia, you can type a keyword in the search bar and it will scan your Google Drive and Dropbox account for relevant files using the search term. Setting Up Patia

‘Engines’ are nothing but ‘plug-ins’which adds up extended functionality to the existing Refinery application.

Engines installs in the “vendor/extensions” folder in a refinery app. Engines will create a tab in the Admin panel of the Refinery CMS to control the information on the engine.

Yes, you read it right! We've developed aphoto sharing app in just less than 20 hours. We named it Andolapic and its quite amazing like Instagram.

We've maintained optimum quality and functionality to improve your photo sharing experience.

In this era of Industrialization, everyoneis planning to build a company of their own and run a successful business, but they’re going to need skilled employees to get their jobs done.

Job posting websites could really make their search easy, but with all the available job board options, both recruiters and job seekers are getting frustrated in looking for right choices

What is ElasticSearch?

Searchingon websites is important from a content discovery and user usability perspective. It allows readers to control the way they look for content instead of navigating through menus. Elasticsearch is a distributed open source search server based on Apache Lucene, much like Solr. It allows for real-time searching and the ability to scale easily through replicas. It has a REST API and communicates over JSON. We will use a gem called Tire to communicate with it.

What is the Problem if you don’t use a search engine?

If your application requires a full text search, then it is better to add a search engine like elasticsearch to the application. As normal queries to the database for the full text search might slow down your performance. You will end up with complex queries.

SEO Helps You Make Money Online!
By Omkar

SEO is considered as one of the most cost-effectiveforms of marketing available. Today the optimized result pages of most search engines are just like the yellow pages of earlier times.

Starting from business names to product name to the type of services in the offering

Imagine that you have millions of dataand your SQL database is not optimized enough to handle them, then “Solr” is CakePHP DataSource for Apache Solryour best data source. Apache Solr is a fast search platform. It’s major features include full-text search faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document handling. Solr is highly scalable and it is the most popular enterprise search engine.

This document will guide you through DataSource setup for Solr in CakePHP. Set-up the Solr DataSource in CakePHP and query Solr with your CakePHP model “find” function, just similar to querying any other SQL database.

CMS (Content Management System) which cameas blogging platform has evolved a lot and quickly won the heart of webmasters/entrepreneurs, and became the utmost choice for all types of websites, whether it would be basic content management site or massive e-commerce application one. From the discovery of CMS, It begins a new battle between CMS and traditional website.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Andolasoftis named at #10 in the Top 10CakePHP Development Companies by bestwebdesignagencies.com.

We pledge this success to our customers for their continuous support which has brought us such laurels.

Now-a- days Iphone apps stores are the kingin the market. Android market is growing day by day. The online apps store has reached the 20,000 mark and it is doubled as compared to the last five months.

End users and Android developers struggle to get appropriate applications to meet their needs.

AJAX is used to load the contents into thepage faster with a superior user experience. The data exchanges with a server and the web page reflects the changed data without reloading.

However, it has its own limitation for not allowing Google and other search engines to crawl an Ajax based website.

Magento development platform launched theonline e-commerce building platform Magento Go.

Magento Go lets you develop an online store for your small business with very much less investment. You don't need to be a tech guru to build your app with Magento Go.

‘Bullet’ is a ruby gem which facilitatesthe developers by alerting when an application performs an inefficient database query, such as an N+1 query.

It is one of the most efficient tool to optimize a Rails application. This example illustrates method of optimizing a query.

Tagging is a way to give a keyword and searchby that particular keyword.

In Rails “acts-as-taggable-on” is one of the popular gem for tagging. With acts_as_taggable_on, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, interests, and awards.

How to create dynamic sitemap in Rails?
By Srikant M.

Ideally a website should have all the pageslisted in the sitemap. However, in some cases, developers missed out to add newly created page links to the sitemap.

For this reason the sitemap is inconsistent and leads to the most common “404-not found” error in Rails app.

Ruby on Rails framework developers have beencontinuously releasing security updates since the last two weeks. Its recent updates like 3.0.20 and 2.3.16 versions were to address the remote code execution vulnerability.

This was the third security patch released this month.

Andolasoft is an innovative company thatranks 20th on the bestwebdesignagencies.com list of iPhone app development companies.

Expert developers and efficient project management are Andolasoft hallmarks, which helped us achieve this outstanding honor.

Jaspersoft is a commercial open source softwarevendor focused on business intelligence, including data jaspersoftvisualization, reporting, and analytics. Jaspersoft provides commercial and open source software, support, services, and licensing around the Jasper report, Jasper report server, Jaspersoft Studio, i-report and ETL products . It is offered in a community open source edition as well as under several commercial editions with broad support for various databases and data sources, including NoSQL and other big data sources. Jaspersoft's main related product is JasperReports Server, a Java web application that provides advanced report server capabilities such as report scheduling, permissions, ad hoc reporting, dashboards, and multi-tenancy.

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