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What is In-app Billing ?

In-appproducts are the digital goods that you offer for sale from inside your Android application to your app users. You cannot use In-app Billing to sell personal services, physical goods, or anything that requires physical delivery.

Product types

The Version 3 API supports managed in-app products and subscriptions to give you flexibility in how you monetize your application. You can specify these types of products by using the Google Play Developer Console.

Managed in-app products:

When a managed in-app item is purchased by an user, Google Play stores the purchase information for each item on a per-user basis.

Now-a- days Iphone apps stores are the kingin the market. Android market is growing day by day. The online apps store has reached the 20,000 mark and it is doubled as compared to the last five months.

End users and Android developers struggle to get appropriate applications to meet their needs.

In the era of latest technologies the mobileapplications are becoming more n more popular being handy and easy-to-use with the help of latest gadgets.

Prior to this technology the platforms like Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux were used for mobile application development and virtual machines such as Java/J2ME, BREW, Flash were used to execute the applications.

Due to its advanced and hi-tech featureslike multi-touch screen and easy operating features, both iPhone and Android based mobile apps have instantly attracted the smart phone users.

iPhone developers have built a vertical hierarchy of layers of menu instead of typical check boxes and switches.

There are numerous PHP frameworks availablesuch as Zend, CodeIgniter, Akelos etc. CakePHP on the other hand is the most popular framework among them and reduces significant coding time and investment.

CakePHP is an open source web application development tool.

Basically Java is an object oriented programminglanguage. It was invented for the purpose of increasing the productivity of both developers and End Users.

Java enterprise application development is not an easy task for a java developer being highly risky.

Yet another milestone achieved by Andolasoftin this year. We thrive to look better every day by providing quality services to satisfy customer expectations. This year too, we have been ranked as the 2nd best company by “Best Web Design Agencies” in the category - “The Best Mobile App Development Company, US”. At Andolasoft we have been continually providing a world class services with various web application technologies like PHP, CakePHP, WordPress, Magento, Ruby on Rails, Android and mobile technologies iOS, Android & Hybrid (PhoneGap).

Magento Extensions and plug-ins are simplya great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores. Magento, is quick and easy E-commerce software to build highly scalable online store. Magento software is built on Zend PHP framework which provides great flexibility and reliability to Magento powered stores. No doubt, there are more than 1700+ extensions built for Magento stores, the number of extensions are increasing day-by-day which adds up to the vitality of your stores.

Everybody provides API’s to consume thesedays. Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github and the list goes on.

API which build services can be consumed by a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. In Microsoft platform API can be created by using couple of technologies and they are WCF AND ASP.NET Web API.

Google's Android possess a major flaw inits OS development, that is fragmentation issue. For this reason one android OS version still remains isolated from other android OS version.

It offers a wide range of hardware and software options for the developers, which in turn increases time of development and causes complication for application design.

GridView (android.widget.GridView) is a layout that is implemented to show two-dimensional view with scrollable structure.

With the help of ‘List’ adapter, we can add images dynamically to a ‘GridView’ layout by customizing the number of columns.

The WebView class is a subclass of `android.view`class that facilitates to fetch external URL running in web server and display in device screen easily.

It is very useful to display dynamic contents from the web server application. External website URL should have UI contents compatible with the android device’s screen resolution.

Google's Android 4.2 was released last October,which introduced numerous new features and enhancement for Jelly Bean OS platform.

It included lock screen widgets and photo Sphere as well as new quick settings panel and screensaver function. For tablets, the upgrade included phone like user-interfaces and multi-user support.

To be completely honest, most android usersare not satisfied with the android’s default keyboard. It can be fiddly for some users, who write languages other than English on a daily basis.

After all it doesn’t cater to everyone’s typing style either. However “SwiftKey” has always proved to be the best keyboard app alternative for the android platform.

Android’s latest 4.2.2 update is alreadyreleased and beginning to roll out for its Nexus devices.

This update will late be availed to other Mobile devices too. Since its last update i.e. Android 4.2.1 during the late November, 4.2.2 appears to have minor fixes only.

Google is constantly working to roll outits Jelly Bean update in the form of Android 4.2.2 in the end of this month.

It is likely to be a minor update that will fix the prevalent bugs and to enhance the performance speed of the Jelly Bean OS.

There are numerous operating systems availablein the market such as windows, MacOSX, Linux etc. But there is no way to run Android OS natively on a computer.

In order to carve this problem, advancements have been made to run Android on a windows system without a simulator.

Google’s Android operating system is themost widely used Smartphone operating system in the world.

Besides that it is considered as the most user-friendly OS by the android users and has released it to other mobile device manufacturers.

Microsoft has announced its upcoming OS Windows8 on February 2012 which will be launched in the coming Fall. There are loads of features in Windows 8, but will it be a strong contender in the tablet or smartphone war?

One of the great advantages of Android over Windows 8 is its open source, free and customizable.

Nexus 7, an android tablet and the firsttablet in the Nexus Series has been launched on June, 2012 at the Google I/O conference.

Google has developed the tablet in association with ASUS to give competition to similar devices developed by Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Blackberry.

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