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You should do minimum security checks before releasing the rails app to the public. The possible threats could be hijacking user accounts, manipulate access control, accessing sensitive data, doctoring with garbage contents. You should act proactively to protect your valuable information. Here you go with some useful security tips which you cannot ignore. Courtsey,:Ruby on Rails Security Guide. Don't trust logged in users (Authentication != Authorization) Always check whether the current logged in user is allowed to perform operation like create, update, delete and view. Devise, a library which handles authentication, to verify that you can only get to the destroy action if you’re logged in. However, Devise does not handle authorization. Apart from authentication authorization must be checked prior to allow any data sensitive operation.

Most start-ups and established enterpriseshave evidently landed to the conclusion that, Ruby on Rails is the best option for rapid and cost efficient web app development.

‘Rails’ is an open-source, multilevel web app framework that implements MVC development architecture, for the Ruby programming.

‘Redis’ is an Open source key-value datastore. Key values are more complex types like Hashes, Lists, Sets or Sorted Sets.

It is a highly scalable data store which is shared by multiple processes, multiple applications, or multiple Servers. Redis also supports datatypes such as Transitions, Publish and Subscribe. ‘Redis ’ is considered more powerful than ‘Memcache’ . It would be smart to bring ‘Redis’ into practice and put ‘Memcache’ down for a while. We provide one-stop solution by utilizing Redis server with Rails , PHP applications and deploy in cloud services such as AWS to make sure that the application is fully scalable.

Finally, the most awaited Rails 4.0 versionhas been released by the Rails team on 25th of June. Rails 4 has got huge changes.

There are tons of new features available, which can make your life as a Rails developer a lot easier. We will talk about the most exciting features in Rails 4 and why you should upgrade.

A feed is a data format which is used toprovide frequent updates and latest contents to the users.

A feed has no particular type; it could be news, latest technology, game, gadgets, sports etc. These feeds can be easily parsed into your Rails application to make it more useful for the users.

How to create dynamic sitemap in Rails?
By Srikant M.

Ideally a website should have all the pageslisted in the sitemap. However, in some cases, developers missed out to add newly created page links to the sitemap.

For this reason the sitemap is inconsistent and leads to the most common “404-not found” error in Rails app.

In 18th March, Ruby on Rail released fournew versions along with fixes for a number of vulnerabilities, which could have lead to denial of service attacks and XSS injections.

According to a post in company’s blog a total of 4 vulnerabilities were addressed in version 3.2.13, 3.1.12 and 2.3.18 of Rails.

Devise is an authentication solution forRails application development. Since devise is an engine and all the files created by it are packaged inside the gem.

We need to invoke some generators in order to customize it.

Paperclip is an easy file attachment libraryfor Rails applications. Attached files are saved to the file system, database or cloud and referenced in the browser by an easily understandable specification.

Here is an example to explain the image attachment for a user profile in an application.

Refinery is a powerful CMS based on Railsframework. It gives a fully generated site with admin control features.

However, we can extend it to create our own customized forms like Job Inquiry, Contact Us etc. Here is the environment we have used on this tutorial. Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.2.8 & RefineryCMS 2.0.8

Devise is a flexible authentication solutionfor Rails based on Warden. Devise handles authentication across the entire stack.

It is composed of 12 modules. Here are the steps to install Devise in Rails 3.X

Use of a sortable column in a listing view.For example there is a list of “Programs”. Here our controller is named as “Programs” and the model is named as “Program”.

Here are the steps to Implement Sortable Columns in Rails through Helper. Add the following helper methods to the controller. In the view (index.html.slim) file add the helper method “sortable” in the columns you want to sort.

Andolasoft is remarkable and energetic tostart the ball rolling in numerous products in mobile application development and Ruby on rails development arena. Among them Christmas Tree Puzzle game app, job management app for IPhone.

Security of any software product or applicationis something which every software solution provider is wary of. It is no different in the case of a Ruby on Rails application.

Even after an application is successfully developed and deployed, there can be possibilities for many unseemly activities.

Ruby on Rails development is fast changingthe norms of web development across the globe.

Companies around the world are fast catching up with this Ruby on Rails web development framework for exploring and executing its true potentials.

With the advent of Ruby on Rails around 2006,it has revolutionized the sphere of web development.

Built on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, this relatively new technology in the field of web development, has appealed to numerous developers.

With the power to build elegant web applicationsin most effortless ways, rails development is the latest “IN” thing in the development circle.

Written on Ruby programming language, rails offer the complete application framework to develop revolutionary web applications.

Ruby on Rails aka “RoR” is an open-sourceMVC framework built using the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails development frameworkIt is considered as the epitome of the latest generation of high-productivity, open source web development tool. The growing demand for Ruby on Rails has been driven by successful RoR development companies like Andolasoft, who benefit from the speed and agility of building applications in Rails, which results in increased productivity and company growth.

1. Framework built on Agile methodology
RoR is faster because the framework was built based on Agile development methodology, best practices are emulated so web development is done with high quality and speed.

What is a CMS?

Acontent management system or CMS is a computer program that allows a user to publish, edit and modifying of the content through a editor. CMS often used for websites & blogs to avoid the hand coding and provide easy to use interface so that anybody can manage the content without depending on a programmer.

Here, I want to specify one of the popular Ruby on Rails CMS - RefineryCMS. There are some other CMS available in Ruby On Rails like BrowserCMS, LocomotiveCMS, Radiant CMS, etc...

What is ElasticSearch?

Searchingon websites is important from a content discovery and user usability perspective. It allows readers to control the way they look for content instead of navigating through menus. Elasticsearch is a distributed open source search server based on Apache Lucene, much like Solr. It allows for real-time searching and the ability to scale easily through replicas. It has a REST API and communicates over JSON. We will use a gem called Tire to communicate with it.

What is the Problem if you don’t use a search engine?

If your application requires a full text search, then it is better to add a search engine like elasticsearch to the application. As normal queries to the database for the full text search might slow down your performance. You will end up with complex queries.

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