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Containable Behavior in CakePHP
By JayDee

When we are going to retrieve recordsof (user) using User model, we can get the associated model's record at the same time. That might not require at some point. To avoid this, CakePHP provides the bindModel/unbindModel methods. But this is not be a good practice. You can streamline your operation using the containable behavior. The performance and the speed will increased as well. It will mostly reduce the joining of tables.

Hash Class: Makes CakePHP Coding easier!
By Prakash S.

Hash is a predefined class provided by CakePHP.It is used for array manipulation such as inserting an element to an array, remove an element from an array, sort an array, extract part of a large array, filter the non empty elements, rearrange the whole array, which makes the code more optimized and understandable. So it makes CakePHP easier and flexible to use. Because most of the operations like find, insert, update in CakePHP returns/takes array as output/input.
Hash provides an improved interface, more consistent and predictable set of features over Set. While it lacks the spotty support for pseudo XPath, its more fully featured dot notation provides similar features in a more consistent implementation.

CakePHP ‘find’ method makes it easierto retrieve data from database. The ‘find’ method can be used to construct anything from extremely simple queries to more complex ones without writing much code.

This method can handle most SQL type requests and can be extended for more specific SQL queries. I will walk you through the below exmple about the basics of working with the ‘find’ method Here are some inbuilt types in CakePHP $this->Model->find('all',$condition); $this->Model->find('first',$condition); $this->Model->find('count',$condition); $this->Model->find('list',$condition); $this->Model->find('neighbors',$condition); $this->Model->find('threaded',$condition);

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Andolasoftis named at #10 in the Top 10CakePHP Development Companies by bestwebdesignagencies.com.

We pledge this success to our customers for their continuous support which has brought us such laurels.

CakePHP is an open source PHP based rapiddevelopment framework. It offers great run-time infrastructure along with abundant set of libraries for CakePHP developers.

CakePHP Development is supported by the MVC (Model View and ControllerCakePHP Developer) architecture which differentiates the programming logic from the presentation layer.

We can achieve SSL authentication in CakePHP by writing own methods like ‘forceSSL’ and ‘unforceSSL’.

Also there is an in-built Security Component in CakePHP to achieve SSL authentication.Using Security Component we can integrate tighter security in our application.

Fat Model and Skinny Controller in CakePHPframework encourages developers to include business logic into the app models and the controllers to translate the requests.

After developing for a while, when you look back at your code you'll realize how hard it is to keep track of all these things.

How to use PHP SDK for Facebook Posting
By Mahavir S.

Facebook is a leading social media websitethat houses over 1.1 billion active users and 665 million daily active users over the world.

Facebook is preferred by the businesses for its cost-effective marketing strategy. It is one of the best social marketing website for better customer engagement. Marketing experts believe that ‘Facebook’ posting is the key to social marketing. Facebook Posts through Application: For Facebook posting, the first thing we need is the User Access Token. We can get the Access Token when user connects Facebook account to the application.

CakePHP is a free and open-source platform,which facilitates the developers to build highly affordable web-applications using the MVC framework. This is a robust and efficient platform for the developers to create exciting PHP web applications.

An introduction to PHP Frameworks
By Prakash S.

A framework is a structure that developerschoose to build their application. It determines the structure of the application and facilitates it to connect with many different API's.

A proficient PHP framework enables developers to develop application faster, efficiently and assist in building stable web-apps.

How to integrate PayPal in PHP
By Priyadarshini M.

To accept online payments through your website you would need a payment gateway. There are numerous payment gateways that can be implemented to your website.

however you will need to choose the best for your PHP application. "PayPal" is one of the best platforms that offers secure payment services.

There are numerous PHP frameworks availablesuch as Zend, CodeIgniter, Akelos etc. CakePHP on the other hand is the most popular framework among them and reduces significant coding time and investment.

CakePHP is an open source web application development tool.

ImageMagick is a collection of robust andconvenient tools for manipulating images. It can be used to crop images of numerous formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PhotoCD.

ImageMagick facilitates creation of dynamic images that are fitting to the specific requirements of web applications.

Andolasoft launches E-Signature SDK (softwaredevelopment kit) to cater iOS app developers. With the help of this SDK, iOS app developers can easily implement adding E-Signatures on PDF documents. We at Andolasoft thought of this to help developers speed up their development, rather than to write their own code. This SDK has FREE and PAID versions both. However, the features vary as below:

How to migrate CakePHP 1.x to 2.x
By Prakash S.

We will focus on what we need to do to getCakePHP 1.3 application upgraded to CakePHP 2.2.3 CakePHP 2.2.3 is the latest stable version now.

Installation is pretty straight forward, same as CakePHP 1.3 version. Download and unzip the CalePHP 2.2.3 and follow the instructions.

How to convert documents to PDF in PHP?
By Gayadhar K.

'Unoconv' is the tool to convert doc, docx,odt to PDF file in PHP. PDF Unoconv is a command line utility that can convert files from any OpenOffice supported formats to a different OpenOffice supporting format .

Installation Required: openoffice and unoconv Download unoconv from https://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv

Merge and split PDF in PHP using PDFtk
By Gayadhar K.

Merge a group of PDF files to a single PDFfile without disturbing the contents using PDFtk.PDFtk. PDFtk runs on a variety of platforms, including: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD and Solaris.

It does not require Acrobat and allows you to manipulate PDF easily and freely. Here is what you can do in PHP using PDFtk.

This example describes ‘How to SSH to remoteserver in PHP and send files from one server to another server using libssh2. ssh2_connect() - Connect to a remote server ssh2_scp_send() - Send a file via SSH ssh2_exec() - Execute a command on a remote server

If you are doing migration from v2.2.x tov3.0.0 You need to do the following changes. Download SDK: https://github.com/facebook/facebook-php-sdk Keep the two classes base_facebook.php and facebook.php with the certificate fb_ca_chain_bundle.crt

What is InApp Purchase?

In-AppPurchase integration with iOS app
Apple's In-App purchase lets you the ability to sell items within your free or paid app which includes premium content, virtual goods, upgrade features and subscriptions. Apple takes 30% of the commission and you receive 70% of the purchase price.
Each purchase is associated with a product type. The product types are:
Consumable products: Consumables are In-App Purchases that must be purchased each time the user needs that item.
Non-consumable products: Non-Consumables are In-App Purchases that only need to be purchased once by the user and are available to all devices registered to a user.

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