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Hash Class: Makes CakePHP Coding easier!
By Prakash S.

Hash is a predefined class provided by CakePHP.It is used for array manipulation such as inserting an element to an array, remove an element from an array, sort an array, extract part of a large array, filter the non empty elements, rearrange the whole array, which makes the code more optimized and understandable. So it makes CakePHP easier and flexible to use. Because most of the operations like find, insert, update in CakePHP returns/takes array as output/input.
Hash provides an improved interface, more consistent and predictable set of features over Set. While it lacks the spotty support for pseudo XPath, its more fully featured dot notation provides similar features in a more consistent implementation.

An introduction to PHP Frameworks
By Prakash S.

A framework is a structure that developerschoose to build their application. It determines the structure of the application and facilitates it to connect with many different API's.

A proficient PHP framework enables developers to develop application faster, efficiently and assist in building stable web-apps.

How to integrate PayPal in PHP
By Priyadarshini M.

To accept online payments through your website you would need a payment gateway. There are numerous payment gateways that can be implemented to your website.

however you will need to choose the best for your PHP application. "PayPal" is one of the best platforms that offers secure payment services.

ImageMagick is a collection of robust andconvenient tools for manipulating images. It can be used to crop images of numerous formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PhotoCD.

ImageMagick facilitates creation of dynamic images that are fitting to the specific requirements of web applications.

CakePHP is an open-source web developmentframework for PHP. It came into prominence around 2006 and it was inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, which was introduced around a year prior to it.

CakePHP follows MVC pattern architecture as well as "Don't Repeat yourself" and "Convention Over Configuration" design philosophies.

How to Generate PDF file in CakePHP?
By Priyadarshini M.

TCPDF is a free and open source softwareone of the widely used PHP libraries in the world. This is because of the fact that it already included in the most popular PHP-based CMS and applications including Cakephp.

The installation is pretty straight forward and easy-to-use. Many web apps use this to output docs like invoices, contracts or web pages in the PDF format.

If you are looking for technical businesssolutions without creating a hole in your pocket, then offshore software development just fits the bill.

offshore software service providers understand the client's needs and expectations and develop solutions accordingly.

Today, the concept of custom developmenthas made the task of software development really easier and faster.

You just need to give your specifications to custom software development solution providers and they will develop solutions for you.

Before the advent of offshoring services,small and medium business units had a hard time meeting the IT necessities.

They were confronted with lack of resources, be it staff, deployment issues, operational challenges or budget specific issues.

PHP development is a very wide and demandingscripting open source language to build applications and it has great importance in IT industry. It is an open source technology to robust your business applications in dynamic, simple and complex platform.

Comparing to other programming language PHP is easier, faster, more user-friendly, high security and cost effective.

Basically Java is an object oriented programminglanguage. It was invented for the purpose of increasing the productivity of both developers and End Users.

Java enterprise application development is not an easy task for a java developer being highly risky.

AWS has a beautiful feature named ElasticBeanstalk to deploy application in AWS cloud with minimal knowledge on environment setup. Currently it supports Ruby, Java, Node.js, python and PHP applications.

But the question is, "should we use Elastic Beanstalk for a low/ medium traffic application?"

‘Redis’ is an Open source key-value datastore. Key values are more complex types like Hashes, Lists, Sets or Sorted Sets.

It is a highly scalable data store which is shared by multiple processes, multiple applications, or multiple Servers. Redis also supports datatypes such as Transitions, Publish and Subscribe. ‘Redis ’ is considered more powerful than ‘Memcache’ . It would be smart to bring ‘Redis’ into practice and put ‘Memcache’ down for a while. We provide one-stop solution by utilizing Redis server with Rails , PHP applications and deploy in cloud services such as AWS to make sure that the application is fully scalable.

Create a Facebook Application by using your‘Facebook Developer account’. Get the ‘App ID’ and ‘App Secret’ of your created application.

Here are the steps to integrate Facebook in Rails3 using ‘omniauth’ gem. Run ‘bundle install’. Create a middleware file named ‘omniauth.rb’ in ‘config/initializers’ path.

According to some latest reports from anApple Insider, it is claimed that, currently they are working on new iPhone models, which will be unveiled later this year.

It is expected that there will be two iPhone models. One of these will be the next generation iPhone, presumably iPhone 5S and the other a cheaper iPhone with a polycarbonate body.

In some iOS apps, displaying images in asingle view would make the UI lose its uniformity. It would be difficult to manage images of different resolution.

It would be impossible to keep track of thousand of images without using GridView. This is just like a “Grid View” application.

PhoneGap is an application framework thatis based on the open standards of HTML5 and allows PhoneGap developer to use common technologies (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) to build applications for multiple mobile platforms from a single code base.

Development of Application using PhoneGap within 30 minutes. Here are some prerequisite Software for Application Development.

Andolasoft is remarkable and energetic tostart the ball rolling in numerous products in mobile application development and Ruby on rails development arena. Among them Christmas Tree Puzzle game app, job management app for IPhone.

For example, say we want to add multipleaddresses(attributes) having many fields inside a create/edit employee form

Now-a- days Iphone apps stores are the kingin the market. Android market is growing day by day. The online apps store has reached the 20,000 mark and it is doubled as compared to the last five months.

End users and Android developers struggle to get appropriate applications to meet their needs.

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