Look at Ten Android 11 Features to Enhance your Enterprise App Development

Look at Ten Android 11 Features to Enhance your Enterprise App Development

Look at Ten Android 11 Features to Enhance your Enterprise App Development
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After much speculation, finally, Android 11 made its debut on September 8th, 2020, and the whole Android application world is going gaga over it.

Undoubtedly, the Android 10 operating system witnessed a great deal of success in the past. The most common and highly acceptable platform Android constantly improves the functionalities and user-experience every single year.

This time around, Android 11 is making headlines everywhere owing to its advanced features, seamless integration with multiple devices, and commendable performance.

The latest version Android 11 has impact Android application development services giving a new path of success to developers and proficiency to users.

In this blog post, we will look at the major highlights of the Android 11 operating system.

Let’s get started.

Major Highlights of Android 11 Operating System

1. Chat Bubbles

Chat Bubble did not make any impact in the earlier version of Android 10 and got faded away in the background. But the Android 11 version is all about improving communication and notifications.

If you have ever used a Facebook Messenger on Android, then you must know what we are talking about.

Just like in Facebook Messenger, you see a conversation floats like a bubble on your smartphone screen, you tap it to send replies or read the message, or can close the icon as well.

Similarly, the Chat Bubble feature is now available with all the communication apps in Android 11. It allows users to do other tasks on the device and see a chat bubble appears if anyone sent you a message or receive a notification.

2. One Time Permission

Google has introduced several privacy settings in Android 11 including the One-Time Permission feature. It allows users to install an application and provide accessibility in just one tap.

Earlier, when you installed a mobile app, you have to permit access to your media, location, camera, and more.

Now, with the newly launched feature of One-time permission, you can allow access only one time and have more control over the privacy settings.

3. Notification Control

For the first time, Android’s latest operating system Android 11 comes packed with the feature of three notification categories including Conversation, Alerting, and Silence.

While the latter two were already available in Android 10, but the new version offers major improvements in them.

Conversation notification allows you to see all the chat notifications on the screen including chat apps, text messages, and Instagram. On the other side, you can silence notifications with the Silent feature.

4. 5G Support

5G network support has already made a blast in the marketplace. A lot of brands offer foldable devices fully incorporated with a high-speed 5G network.

Thus, to match the pace of higher speed and efficient connectivity, Android 11 also supports 5G for video streaming, network accessing, and data sharing.

You can all for this new update along with Android application development services.

5. Built-In Screen Recorder

There is no need to download a third-party app to record the screen functionalities. The new Android 11 comes with in-built screen recorders that allow users to drag and drop the feature to record the screen with utter ease and comfort.

It also features an in-built audio recording without connecting your mic to record the sound simultaneously.

6. Smart Controls

Smart Home controls have changed the concept of managing devices to control temperature, switch on/off lights, and other operations.

For accessing the same, you have to install a Smart Home application to control electrical devices.

Android 11 brings new advancements in such technology. In this, you will find an in-built app to add home services and have full control over the same.

You can add up to 6 devices like lights, air condition, smart-TV, security cameras, smart doors, and more.

7. Dark Theme Scheduling

The earlier version of Android 10 made an impact with its Dark Theme feature to enable the dark mode manually.

Android 11 appears with the advanced feature of selecting two different metrics to enable/disable the dark screen mode. It could be during selected hours of usage or sunrise/sunset as per your requirements.

8. Better Media Controls

An Android user had to switch to different audio modes for listening to the favored choice of music. Sometimes, you select the Bluetooth device mode, in-built speaker, or Smart-TV inputs for listening to the desired choice of songs.

Now, Android 11 does create such a ruckus of switching to different audio modes. The new operating system lets you select the mode from the notification section itself without enabling or disabling the mode from the application itself.

9. Live Location Using Pixel

Sharing one’s location eases up the burden of finding ways and directions to reach your friend/relative or any person. But how about you see the real picture of that shared location?

It will be beneficial for users to locate the area using the location shared coordinates and picture.

In Android 11, the pixel does the commendable job of sharing live location along with the exact pace to respective respondents.

10. Privacy for Enterprise Usage

If you have received a separate smartphone from the office for official use only, then you must know its limitations to commercial usage only.

Generally, enterprise IT guy has a close eye on such enterprise devices to track locations, usage, issues, and updates. Thus, one has to carry a personal device also for regular usage.

Now with Android 11 comes into place, there is no need to carry two devices at a time. Android smartphones endowed with the new operating system features a personal profile and work profile mode.

You can switch to any mode for the desired usage without having any effect on the other mode.

It brings comfort to carry a single device only having accessibility to both personal and official information.

Wrapping Up

Experience a new and advanced mobile application user experience with Android 11 that is the 18th version of Android. It is the future of enterprise applications endowed with innovative features and functionalities.

If you are thinking to develop Android 11 powered apps for business then hire an Android app developer from Mobibiz and jump-start your enterprise development process.

Look at Ten Android 11 Features to Enhance your Enterprise App Development
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Look at Ten Android 11 Features to Enhance your Enterprise App Development
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