Best Tools to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Best Tools to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Best Tools to Increase Your eCommerce Sales
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Running a small business is hard, but running it in these modern times is somewhat complicated. Somehow this is true for many who gets overwhelmed by the constant change in the online landscape.

This change happens as technology continues to evolve. Luckily, these evolutions lead to the emergence of several tools that can help you run your business.

Leaning on to these tools will not only make life easier for you as you dwell on the other facets of your business, but it can also promise a wide range of results that can help augment your sales.

In this list, you’ll find some old and trusted programs that have been assisting businesses of all sizes and some newbies in the market that show a lot of promising potentials to help grow your business and boost your sales.

Tools To Help Your eCommerce Sales

1. HubSpot


With an award under its name, there is no denying that HubSpot is one of the leading digital marketing tool these days. Glassdoor Awards recognizes HubSpot as the Best Place to Work in 2020, which makes it’s a prime company to work with, which also assures you that this company will give you the best service.

HubSpot helps businesses grow by helping increase traffic on sites and automate social media posts. It also tracks any content’s performance and even helps in customer service through its customer support services.

Price: Starter Growth Suite starts at $50 per month

2. Mailchimp


If you plan to utilize email marketing in your campaign as part of your online strategy to promote your business, it is essential to use a tool to help you with such a difficult task.

MailChimp is one of the best tools when it comes to email marketing that you can leverage. It automates your emails for you when sending it out to your target customers. It does not only help you in sending out your emails but also can create personalized content for them. It gathers data from your recipient that helps in making a more tailor-fitted email content.

Price: Comes with a free service and paid plans that start at $9.99 a month

3. Ahref


When you have an eCommerce business, it means you might also make efforts to drive organic traffic to your site. While this may sound challenging, there are a lot of tools these days that can aid you with these tasks.

One of the best tools you can utilize to grow your organic traffic is Ahref. It is a great marketing tool that can assist with keyword searches. Ahref can evaluate your content activities and even check on your competitors’ content strategies.

Price: Comes with a free service and paid plans that start at $99 a month

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Your website act as the heart of your eCommerce business. When it is not working, it will not be able to provide sales. This reason is why you need to know if your website is doing its job or not.

Google Analytics is a great tool to check on your site’s performance. It monitors the number of traffic and even access where it came from. It’s straight forward and provides you with the essential information you need. Plus, the most prominent advantage this powerful tool boasts of is it’s free.

Price: FREE

5. Hootsuite


Managing different social media accounts, planning contents, creating copies, and doing the actual posting may take all of your time. While social media is one of the most effective strategies you can do for your business, aside from its free, it is a meticulous task that demands constant attention, especially if your posting daily.

Tools like Hootsuite comes in handy when it comes to social media management. You can curate content for better strategy, schedule social media posts, find trending topics related to your niche, and analyze your data.

Price: Comes with a free service and paid plans that start at $29 a month for a single user

6. Canva


The trend these days is going visual, but getting a graphic design team requires a big budget. However, the budget is one of the most significant constraints, especially for small businesses, which makes small business owners and marketers rely on Canva.

Canva is a graphic design platform that has a hundred template designs to choose from. It is so easy to use that a lot of newbies and professionals are leaning on this platform. You can create social media ads, banner, presentations, infographics, stories, brochures, and a lot more. It is even possible to create videos and animated social media posts.

Price: Comes with a FREE version with limited services and the paid plan starts at $12.95 per month or $9.95 when billed annually

7. Outfy


Outfy is relatively new in the market yet already shows a promising future. It’s a program that can enhance the social reach of your online store as it can connect to your social media platforms.

It can also schedule posts that contain product images, GIFs, collages, and even videos. It’s a one-stop-shop that can help increase visibility and traffic for your online shop and social media channels.

Price: Comes with a FREE version and paid plan starts $15 with 250 sharing credits

8. LimeSpot


With the competition going stiff each day for a lot of eCommerce today, one of the latest trends to combat this and make your business stand out is personalization. Personalization is tailor fitting your brand or services depending on the need of your target market.

One of the promising tools that can provide your business with some personalization fix is LimeSpot. It uses Artificial Intelligence to create personalized recommendations to drive more sales.

Price: Comes with a FREE version and the paid plan starts at $20 per month

9. Chatfuel


Chatbots are considered to be the future of modern-day social marketing. It automates replies to your inboxes, which provide outstanding customer service all the time, take orders, and help augment sales.

One of the best tools to use for your messenger is Chatfuel. It specializes in building customized Messenger bots that can help your business. You can also set up and take advantage of its AI sequences that can suggest products to users and eventually lead them to make a sale.

Price: Comes with a FREE version and the paid plan starts at $15 per month

10. Yotpo


Yotpo is slowly getting recognized these days. Though it is an e-commerce tool that banks on user-generated content, what it makes a fantastic tool is its service to collect reviews that you can showcase on your site and social media channels. It then builds loyalty and referral programs that help you capture the potential audience and lets your existing customer stay with you.

Price: Comes with a FREE and PREMIUM version

Final Thoughts

This list may just comprise some of the best eCommerce tools available these days; however, all of those listed here can make a difference in running your business. While it is hard to build and run an eCommerce business, having outside help can be a key to drive sales to your brand.


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