How to Find a Dedicated Developer?

How to Find a Dedicated Developer?

How to Find a Dedicated Developer
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Find out the genuine tips on how to find a dedicated developer of professional Standard.

Have you ever come across a dedicated developer package and asked yourself – Should I go for this or not!

This is absolutely ok.

What if you have seen many startups, ISVs and SMBs talk positive about the same thing in social media?

As soon as you come to know about the whole concept of a dedicated development team you can conclude beyond a doubt that it will work for you.

Are you ready to dig deep and know more about the model of a dedicated development team?

The wait is over; let’s check out the features of “hire a dedicated development team” that makes it one-of-a-kind service:

  • Single Project Involvement
  • More Dedication & Seriousness
  • One-to-One Interaction
  • Low Expenditure
  • Latest Technology & Trends
  • Great Outcome
  • Timely Delivery

What is a dedicated developer?

When getting exposed to different kinds of hiring packages, you may feel like getting into the core concept of a dedicated developer.

How differently they will serve you in the software domain? 

A dedicated development team is something you already know about and can easily relate to. Make sure that it creates an economic hiring model in the software industry with a team of full-time developers from a professional IT company working for your project all day.

If you are still not clear, the term “full degree dedication” in the process of development can define it better.  

How and when to hire a dedicated developer? 

You really need to know this part well, so that you can be sure how and in which conditions to hire a dedicated development team. 

  • Less Resource
  • Low Budget
  • Lack of Skill or Expertise
  • Growing No of Projects
  • Tight Deadlines
  • No availability
  • Trust or Security Issue

How to find a dedicated developer?

It is your first time – you just need to go through the following steps in order to find a team of dedicated developers to work with and get the best delivery possible. 

  • Consider both local and offshore IT consulting firms offering dedicated developer package.
  • Narrow down if any of them already appears on Clutch and Goodfirms
  • Initiate personal contact with each of them and check the strength of their development team as well as sample work.
  • See if you like their working style and standard.
  • Discuss the project scope, pricing, timeline, etc.
  • Decide on the one who is ready to comply with all.

How to find a dedicated developer?

How remote development works?

Hang on, some of you want to know about the remote development and how it works.  

A remote development team brings efficiency, productivity, and many more benefits while working far away from your place with a different time zone.

It ensures a stellar performance especially when your company or project needs real talent to keep ahead in the future also. 

  • Hiring the best from a pool of talent
  • Project work is done on an overlapping time zone
  • 24/7 connectivity
  • Excellent productivity
  • On-demand modifications (Agility)
  • Chat, talk, mail and other means of contact
  • Convenience
  • Client-specific approach

Yeah, all these points look pretty more convincing. Are not they but can surely add value to your project once you decide to hire remote developers. 

Don’t waste your time, don’t ruin your project prospects – just go for a team of remote developers. Have a Win-Win experience! 

How to work with a remote team? 

Now, as you are a first-timer you may like to know exactly what it takes to work smoothly with a remote team and here we go..

The remote developers may be not on-premise, but it does not necessarily mean that you won’t have control over the development process or your work won’t get done properly. 

  • Inform the team about each and every decision you take
  • One-to-one interaction, confirmations, and feedback
  • Define your objective clearly
  • Schedule reporting 
  • Automate testing
  • Use safe and secure communication channels
  • Make the most of the time difference
  • Ask for expert technical review

How to find the best remote team to work with? 

This point is so obvious. Right!! And we won’t mind discussing it either. Finding the right remote team among so many could be an issue.  

  • Consider the list of certified & awarded software developers dealing with remote developers.
  • Ask for portfolios from each such company.
  • Define your project, works to be done, and match with the skill/expertise of the concerned team of remote developers.
  • Distinguish the remote developers according to their specialties.
  • Maintain a tough screening process.
  • Be particular about their experience & skill level.
  • Decide whether it matches your expectations or not.

How to find the best remote team to work with?

Should I hire a dedicated developer?

Now that you are pretty clear about the model of a dedicated developer, you should not feel stuck with the idea of whether to hire a dedicated developer or not.

Of course, dedicated developers should be tried on, because they have an unequaled dedication for your project while working for specific hours each day.

It is also proven that hiring a team of remote developers from a web development company is a competitive way to get a quality job done instead of using in-house professionals.


This post may seem to-the-point, easy-to-understand but at the same time highly helpful. After going through it, what seems appropriate is calling Andolasoft if you already like the idea of dedicated developers.

It’s because we have the awarded team of developers for delivering what you really want and within budget.

We rank as the “Top Miami Software Developers” on SDC.

To discuss how to start your next project, let’s get in touch over the phone, through mail or chat.

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