How You Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

How You Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

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While setting up an e-commerce website, one of the most predictable fears is the shopping cart abandonment.

The event where the customers move products into their cart and then leave it there is quite a possibility.

Most of the e-commerce sellers face this challenge.

According to research, the average shopping cart abandonment in 2018, was up to 69.2%.

Even though it may seem like a dead end, there are many ways you can overcome and reduce this phenomenon.

Below mentioned are some proven and practical techniques to help you out and beat all your cart abandonment blues.

What is cart abandonment all about?

It is extremely essential to understand what we are dealing with before we begin discussing the various techniques.

When a potential customer browses your e-commerce website, and keeps on adding products in the cart, but eventually leaves without making a purchase, this entire phenomenon is known as cart abandonment.

Now imagine when you go shopping in a brick and mortar store and select an item of particular clothing, then try it on, but eventually decide to come and buy it later or not at all.

Cart abandonment rate shows, that how many of the items that are finally added in a shopping cart are abandoned.

Cart abandonment determines the overall success of your purchase and, gives you an idea of the possible revenue that you can generate, by implementing the required optimization.

A study found out that, more than 65% of e-commerce stores have cart abandonment rates higher than 50%.

This is a revelatory phenomenon, wherein you have a chance to maximize the profits, but instead, you are left with depleting revenues and unachieved business goals.

By evaluating the final cart abandonment rate, you can implement the required changes in your website and can access your sales accordingly.

Reasons for cart abandonment

A recent study pointed out that almost 58.6% shopping cart abandonment is done by customers who are merely browsing and comparing the prices.

Below mentioned are the abandonment you have no control over, but the rest of them are due to some specific reason, which can be tackled.   

  • Delayed delivery
  • Confusing check-out process
  • Additional costs
  • Necessary account creation
  • Limited payment option

Techniques to reduce cart abandonment

  • Upfront display of all the cost

Including all the taxes and shipping fees in the displayed product cost on your website is a smart technique, and try to provide a discount on the same displayed cost during the check-out process.

Following this practice leaves a positive impact on the customer’s mind when compared to a greater value of the product during the check-out.

  • Simple check-out process

Once the user has added products to his cart, ensure that the road after that is free from any hurdles.

Asking the customers to fill in their shipping details and directly proceed to the payment gateway, without demanding any unnecessary detail, is another effective technique to avoid cart abandonment.

Demanding more information than required, kills the enthusiasm of the customers and forces them to leave the online shopping process midway. 

  • Including product image throughout the process

Ensuring that the image of the product, that the customer has finalized, is always visible throughout the check-out process.

The reason behind this technique is that an image stays in mind longer than text, and hence registers well with the customers.    

  • Provide them quick delivery

Customers are always attracted to an e-commerce portal that provides them quick delivery options.

One of the best e-commerce portals like WAKI, even provide the customers with 30 to 90 mins delivery facility, to generate a potential customer base and avoid cart abandonment by the users.

Following this technique to curb the cart abandonment rates is recommended.       

  • Focus on product images and descriptions

One of the most important technique to avoid cart abandonment is to keep the product description crisp and proper and try to stick with the most realistic product images.

Including all the critical details about handing and usage and any other essential product information, in the product description help you to overcome cart abandonment.

Such practices instill trust in potential customers and give them the required satisfaction about the product they are purchasing.

  • Intent pop-ups

Using a creative and attractive pop-up to connect with the user, right before he exits the page, captures his attention right then and there.

Cart abandonment pop-ups increase the chances of the sale of that product by up to 10%. You need to ensure that you keep the content of that pop-up, direct and concise.

The pop-up needs to stand out and must not look too compelling.   


Implementation of these methods can help you to minimize the cart abandonment rate of your e-commerce portal.

Peter Page
Peter Page

I am a blogger and online shopping consultant and love shopping a lot. To spread awareness, I write shopping and fashion blogs and articles. I endeavor to tell people the secrets of online shopping and help them in saving money. I do a lot of shopping both online and offline and love to explore various styles. So, here I am sharing small tactics that can allow you to get huge deals and discount on various online shopping websites.

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