Why to Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Business

Why to Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Business

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As a significant member of Microsoft’s family, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution suitable for all kinds of organizations from mid-scale to large enterprises.

Ideal for both on-premise and cloud-based platforms, this solution not only strengthen the manufacturing as well as distribution operations but also, serves well across various industry verticals.

The solution assists the organizations in organizing, automating, and optimizing their processes by means of effective functionalities meant for warehouse management, inventory control, transportation management, production management, demand and supply chain planning, production management, material management, product lifecycle management, quality assurance, asset management, as well as business intelligence.

In addition to this, multi-currency and multi-language are some of the additional features that make Dynamics AX an appropriate option for the organizations which operates worldwide.

Considered as one of the simples to install the applications, Microsoft Dynamics AX supports easy assembly, repetitive process, make-to-order, and make-to-stock processes, while its industry-specific specifications make it apt for the manufacturers associated with electronics, industrial machinery, metals, aerospace, medical devices, as well as consumer products.

Now, as part of the Dynamics 365 Platform, this application supports the building of a comprehensive and sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and further offers quickest ROI following the installation.

Here, the list of the most common ways by means of which the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution can enhance the efficiency of various business processes.

Boost the organization’s performance with respect to finance

Dynamics AX assists you to leverage the complete advantage of newer opportunities related to the business globally with the help of embedded analytics and business intelligence for finance.

Also, it helps organizations to meet the regulations of various countries by providing country-specific localization, even including the countries with the highest growth rates within a universal solution.

Enhance the employee’s productivity at the workplace

Dynamics AX enables the employees to make proactive and smart decisions with the help of intelligent and targeted systems.

The key feature of this application, RoleTailored unify the valuable information, assignments, and insights associated with specific tasks.

By means of automating, task prioritizing, and integrating the capabilities, this application puts each and every resource at the employee’s fingertips and empower them to perform in a smarter and quicker way.

Scale up the organization’s capabilities smoothly

Dynamics AX’s quick installation ability and advanced features support the organization’s specific business requirements as it attempts to scale up its capabilities in a smooth way.

The model-driven and layered architecture of this application help in developing as well as maintaining the business processes and upgrading of the systems with the latest releases easily.

Furthermore, to meet the dynamic requirements of the organization, the application’s deployment can be simplified and accelerated with the help of the instant-on feature.

As the architecture of this application is much more flexible, the organization can execute Dynamics AX at once and/or system-by-system, which reduces the overall implementation time and its associated cost.

Increase the organization’s supply chain visibility

Dynamics AX effectively tracks down the assets of the organizations and helps to reduce the amount of error reporting.

The valuable data collection and associated predictive analytics offer productive insights related to every part of the supply chain.

Improve customer service rate in an effective manner

Dynamics AX, with the help of advanced logistics management, optimizes the flow of materials that makes it easier and faster to reach the desired products into the customer’s hands.

In addition, it assists in the improvement of product quality through real-time insights as well as customer response time with combined order processes.

Minimize the organization’s overall operational costs

Dynamics AX assists in minimizing the organization’s overall expenditure associated with operations with the support of encumbrance, 3-way matching, budget planning & controlling, and automating the financial process.

Moreover, the automation of all the processes across the supply chain helps in the reduction of costs related to procurement.

Leverage the additional products of Microsoft Family

Dynamics AX provides access to additional software of Microsoft.

The organizations can leverage the maximum advantage of this application by connecting it with various enterprise applications and communication platforms, including on-premise and cloud-based applications.

This kind of connectivity improves communication as well as collaboration across various departments of the organizations.

Offers industry-specific feasible solutions

Dynamics AX features in-built industry-specific competencies for the various processes of the organization, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, services, and much more. Below are some of the examples.

Manufacturing – Dynamics AX offers a complete solution for manufacturing by providing efficient solutions related to operations as well as customer service processes. These solutions enable the organizations –

  • To address the ever-changing customer requirements by providing a flexible and scalable platform.
  • To enhance efficiency by increasing the speed of time-to-market and customer responsiveness by streamlining the internal processes.
  • To empower the employees to do their jobs in the best way by providing them with a customized ERP solution which suits their work requirements.

Retail and Distribution – Dynamics AX offers a delightful user experience for both the organizations and their customers by ensuring the smooth running of multichannel management, financial processing, merchandising, and store management. With the help of it, the organizations can –

  • Easily reach their customers and deliver excellent customer service by promoting effective customer engagement as well as productivity programs by means of relevant insights and comprehensive order management.
  • Scale up the capabilities of business processes seamlessly and adopt an efficient omni-channel strategy.

Final Thoughts

The most-advanced Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a feasible solution to improve the organization’s financial performance by reducing the operating costs and increasing the revenue.

By leveraging the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the organizations can achieve a competitive edge and improve the experience associated with security, manufacturing, retail & distribution, and customer experience.

James Warner
James Warner

James Warner is a highly skilled and experienced software development at Nex Software. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop the creative business system based on .Net, Microsoft Dynamics AX services, & Magento.

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