Things to Do Once Web Application goes Live

Things to Do Once Web Application goes Live

Things to Consider after launching a New Web Application
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Shaping with the right launching plan, gathering successes, and retaining users for a long-term basis is the ultimate objective of developing a web application. Multi-step and multi-variety procedure directly determines the effects of a web application.

I can understand, it is always exciting to launch a new application that has been on your mind for a while. But launching is always an important process for each business owners. It’s just like crossing the deep ocean with a proper plan. Actually, it’s the start of a new journey.

Sometime you may feel like at some points you did fail to notice on various crucial modules of development. So, make sure before, during, and after launching your web app run well through your pre-diagramed map. Never forget to prepare the checklist of each module and make sure you have covered all the basics as well.

So, what is next? Should you just wait and see? Or is there any further work to do?

Yes, there are many things to do.

Things to Do Once Web Application goes Live

While a lot of tools are there to keep track and cover your product or application but still, there are certain big observations that you need which will help to guide and reach at your real objectives through the web application.

Therefore, strong web application management strategies are much required to make your app successful and make you able to go on the right path. Let’s see, what you can do.

Double Check the Functional

Checking the application functionality part is very much important and this is the first thing you need to perform. After lots of hard work by the web developer and the tester might have skipped some unavoidable functions at the time of the app launch. Just like;

  • Loading Speed: Customers always like to visit fast-running apps. Users may shy away from your application if the loading time is higher than as usual. So, double-check your web app loading duration in real-time. You may use some third-party tools to check your web app speed and could work on the suggestions accordingly.
  • Content and Images: Double-check the contents that you have used on the web app. You may check the image dimensions and sizes and make sure all these are fitting to the application. Also, make sure that all the images are optimized, to help increase the loading speed.
  • Device Compatibility: This is the common issue faced by every developer on web apps. An application that works on the desktop seamlessly might face many issues on other mobile devices. You can check the app’s performance on multiple devices which are varying in screen sizes and operating systems as well. Mobile compatibility is much required to reach more users.
  • Form Validation: If the web app contains the contact, sign-up, feedback, and any other forms, then these must be tested well to make sure that they are functioning as required and the validations also.

It was all about the functional part, and now it times to increase the awareness of your application. So, you can draw visitors and turn them to your customer. For that, you need to prepare proper planning and strategy.

  • Social Media: Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can help you to build a community of followers for your web app. These platforms can carry new visitors to the app and boost conversions.
  • Content Marketing: You should follow a content marketing strategy to reach more users and attract them. You can implement the strategies through e-Books, Blogs, infographics, Guest Blogs, and reviews.
  • E-mail Marketing: By gathering the e-mail addresses of visitors, you can offer values and updates about your services. So, you can make the conversion and attract them to visit your app.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Implementing the SEO strategy may help you to rank higher on various search engines like; Google Bing etc. When a user searches a niche keyword related to your service, then your app would appear in the search result. The more visibility of your web app can bring more traffic to your web service.

Security and Maintenance: You need to follow the right maintenance plans and security practices to prevent your web app from any type of security licks. You must keep updating your web app framework (if any) to match every current trend as well.

Keep Optimizing the Audience values:

It’s always an important point to analyze the app’s performances and the feelings of your every single user. The resulting stats could bring you the most decisive presentation on your web app for the users. Always take as granted for every suggestion made by users and optimize them accordingly. By analyzing the user behavior, update the user interface, functionality, and the features to retain your customers.

So, this kind of smaller consideration can help you to gain giant leaps but the evaluation time might unpredicted. Think significantly and productively to come out with concrete ideas and plans to better grow your app.

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