The Features of New WordPress 5.0

The Features of New WordPress 5.0

The Features of New WordPress 5.0
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The much-expected WordPress 5.0 has been released after a series of Betas and RCs. The WordPress neighborhood has been restlessly waiting for the new release because of Gutenberg, the new block editor, and some of new exciting feature like Twenty Nineteen theme etc.

WordPress 5.0 has also introduced the new block-based post editor.

This is the first step in route for an exciting new future with a modernized editing practice across your site.

So, you will have more flexibility with the display of website contents, whether you are creating your first site or refurbishing your blog.

“WordPressers who have been playing around with the Beta and RC versions can now upgrade to the full version from their WordPress Dashboard or download the zip file available on”

– WordPress Release Note

What are the new Features available on WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 Upgrade Notification

Here are some of the most notable features of WordPress 5.0

  • Singular default editor font can be chosen for different locale.
  • WordPress 5.0 now officially supports the PHP version 7.3 (Upcoming)
  • Image and Video blocks can be changed into an embed block
  • A complete draft of the post is saved when ‘preview’ button is clicked.
  • RestrictedDateTimePicker module.
  • WP-image-### CSS class has been added to enable the usage of src-set and size attributes for images.
  • All Meta boxes are saved when ‘preview’ button is hit.
  • Only the updated Meta is saved through a recursive approach of tracking post-Meta in Block API to avoid saving the default value for each registered Meta.
  • Can get better the convenience of the content you write, now that simple ARIA labels can be saved in posts and pages.

Source: WordPress.Org

Security Updates

The WordPress team is always concern about this stuff and actively working on improving the core security level since it always has been an important topic on every update release.

They suggest hosting services which offer SSL certificates, two-factor-authentication, and application-level password protection.

The New Block Editor

The core team called is as “Gutenberg” and it the default editor in WordPress 5.0.

Now users can take the advantages of built-in lightweight and fast front-editor in WordPress 5.0, which succeed to its functionality from the Customizer framework.

So, this is a great basic customization and formatting advance feature!

Gutenberg Plugin

If you are unwilling to use this new editor, you can still make use of the classic editor. And if you want to take a test of the Gutenberg editor without upgrading to WP 5.0, you can still install the plunging at your older WordPress version.

Truly, the block editor is a big change, but that’s not all. You need to make some smaller changes as well. Here are few checkpoints needed to be marked:

  • All of the previous default themes, from Twenty Ten through to Twenty Seventeen, need to be updated to support the new block editor.
  • WordPress 5.0 officially supports the upcoming PHP 7.3 release. But if you’re using an older version, we encourage you to upgrade PHP on your site first

Features of Gutenberg Editor

It contains two tabs: Document and Block.

  • Document: This contains all the major options of Classic Editor for publishing, choosing categories and uploading featured images, etc.
  • Block: On the other hand, is the new feature for many users. However, if you have used any WordPress page builder, you can easily relate to Gutenberg Blocks.

Source: WordPress.Org

Improved Mobile Optimization

Through this update, the WordPress core team emphasized improving the mobile practice for all users. On this circumstance, the default Twenty Nineteen Theme is fully responsive to all other default themes as well.

So, the aim is to improve the page load speed on inbuilt themes on the various mobile devices with ensuring the higher SERP rankings for the websites.

New WordPress Default Theme – Twenty Nineteen

The update will provide the new enhanced TwentyNineteen (default) themes with Gutenberg editor ready. Also, the themes from Twenty Seventeen to Twenty Ten will receive the updates for Gutenberg Editor.

New Twenty Nineteen WP 5.0

The new theme is lightweight and designed to work with a wide variety of use cases like various websites, photo blogging site, and blog sites etc. It is completely flexible to suit the needs of all users.

Background Image Cropping

Now the users can crop and upload the background images before making it live. It will reduce the time significantly as compared to the manual cropping and uploading.

Users’ Perspective

It is always necessary to know what the community thinks about the WordPress 5.0 and the key fundamentals are behind their judgments.

Well, the new version of WordPress has received mixed feedback from the WordPress community. Still, it has received more attention for the new block editor and twenty nineteen themes compared to the previous releases.

What Influencer Says about WordPress5.0

Ahmad Awais On WordPress 5.0

Michal Bryxi On WordPress 5.0 Miguel Angel Useche On WordPress 5.0 Chris On WordPress 5.0

Final Thoughts!

For me, it is too early to put any final thoughts for this version. Undoubtedly, WordPress 5.0 is a major update, till now.

But it is hard to say if it will receive a similar reputation as it’s the successor or not. It is just out and many features will be developed in the coming days.

Looking to upgrade new WordPress 5.0 in your existing one? Let’s Discuss!

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