How Odoo Can Deliver the Business Requirements That I Need?

How Odoo Can Deliver the Business Requirements That I Need?

How Odoo Can Deliver the Business Requirements That I Need?
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With the rising online marketplace, entrepreneurs are open to trying out with newly budding solutions. In result, the “One Stuff Dominates” scenario is no more. In such shift, Odoo has been seen in the favorite for an all-in-one business app suite.

Market leaders like SalesForce and Zoho also have switched onto this business apps procession even though all of them started in one business area.

Odoo having significant growth in the past few years, especially at the European and Asian market and the credit mainly goes to the product itself.

Through this blog, I have outlined a few basics and have explained whether, why you should adopt Odoo for your business.

Why Odoo?

Odoo is an all-in-one open source management software that suggests a variety of business applications that can form an absolute set of the enterprise management application.

Odoo incorporates Website/e-Commerce, CRM, accounting, billing, manufacturing, warehouse- and project management, inventory and many other apps.

The Odoo framework is unique due to its strong technical basics. The open source module provides high standard usability that scales across all apps.

Odoo has allowed us to influence numbers of developers and business experts to build anonymous apps in a very short time.

Here I have listed the features that can we get benefited through Odoo Application module.

  • The Best Ever User-Interface
  • Comprehensive Pro-like Features
  • A Unique Modular Platform
  • Flexibility
  • No-Vender Lock-in
  • Instant Updates and Easy Upgrade
  • A Cost-Effective Solution

How Odoo is Compatible for Your Business?

Odoo took Enterprise resource planning (ERP) one step further with its group of applications considered for managing business processes with effortlessness.

This is an all in one running software solution which is customized to enterprise necessities in mind. So, your business whether it is a small-scale or large can install Odoo right away without any trouble.

As we have roofed above, Odoo comes with a set of features that clearly differentiate it from every other ERP.

The existence of pre-defined components helps to make out changes without putting any efforts with the codes. In result, it can settle you into the development and scale of the process of your business.

Undoubtedly, Odoo fits in with the descriptions of ultimate ERP software.

If your industry requires incorporation in Human Resource to compact with your resources or across other applications such as point-Of-Sale (POS) or storehouse Management, Odoo can make simpler the process and keep you all in control.

With an insightful user interface, cutting-edge technology and a drop in overall expenses also make different the Odoo.

The affordable pricing allocates you to explore by selecting singular modules and finding out whether it receives the benefits planned and tackle your needs.

Odoo as a broad ERP solution, you don’t need to think over whether your business fits in with Odoo’s structure.

Odoo can easily cast in with your requirements and enfold it in the frameworks and procedure that you can utilize it at your business to robust without ever modifying anything.

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Business Process :

As Odoo is an open source solution and can be downloaded easily by selecting the best compatible module as per the business requirement.

Along with that, as every module is open source which proposes an additional customization is available for each module.

You could gain a pack of the option through Odoo customizations. Here I have given some best results;

  • Addition of fields on every Module
  • Addition and Customization Layouts
  • Workflows and business processes Customization
  • New module development
  • Reports Customizations


The most notable characteristics of Odoo is, there are 500+ modules are available to choose your business and all these modules are 100% customizable according to your business.

I will come back again with a real-world example which would help you to see how Odoo can be used to solve real-world business solutions.

At Andolasoft, we’re having the 11+ years of experienced OpenERP/Odoo developers. We entirely do the GAP analysis of your requirements, prioritize, initiate with the customization.

Are you looking for to Develope Odoo Application for your Business? Let’s Discuss!

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