Top 6 Mistakes Developers Make While Developing Web or Mobile Apps

Top 6 Mistakes Developers Make While Developing Web or Mobile Apps

Top 6 Mistakes Developers Make While Developing Web or Mobile Apps
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Thinking of developing a web or mobile app? You have great ideas!

But you need to be very careful because ignorance of key app development techniques can make your great app a total flop show and put all your hard work down the drain.

Don’t worry too much though because if you take care of the often-ignored aspects that are mentioned in this article, you can come up with a very enticing app that users will love.

Here we present to you the six common mistakes that developers make while developing web or mobile app.

1. Ignoring Analytics

Ignoring Analytics(Source:

The biggest mistake you can make right now is to execute an app and have no clue about its performance in the market.

Just like we use Google Analytics for tracking the performance of a website on the internet, we can also use it and many other analytics tools for app analysis as well.

With analytic you can keep in track with crucial performance indicators likes user engagement, retention and daily active users etc.

This analytics helps you to target your market and users.

2. Incorporating Too Many Features

As a developer, you always need to consider your consumer as a human being and not some static consumption machine.

So, straight up throwing tons of features at your consumer base will not help your cause. You need to carefully consider the most important features that your app must have.

Remove anything that side-tracks from your goal since it will only hinder the user experience.

Consumers can only take in so much at a given time and therefore, some features are better left for a separate app.

Start with the basic features and then, using analytics and user feedback, move towards integrating more features down the road.

Make sure the main interface of the app stays minimalistic in nature and then branch out more features to the secondary screens.

3. Neglecting UX

Neglecting UX


As a developer, the user should always be on your mind. You need to think through the usability of your app.

Do the features you offer actually have a meaningful purpose?

Should the app look good only?

Is your app all the beauty and no brains?

You need to answer all these questions with considering the needs of a user.

There have been loads of apps which had old fashioned and bare bone visual design, yet they succeeded. But how?

They were immensely resourceful and purposeful. Their simplistic design made them extremely easy to use.

Draw out the apps schematics well in advance and keep brainstorming for making the experience easier. The focus, thus, should be on the ease of use of an app.

4. Cross-Browser/Platform Incompatibility

There are a variety of browsers out there and a variety of operating systems. Each has its own requirements and a dedicated set of consumers.

When developing an app for the web, always make sure to test it thoroughly on the three current dominant browsers of the internet, namely Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Each of these has slight variations in standards but, only minor tweaks are required

On the other hand, if you’re making an app for a mobile device, make sure to target the OS with the greater outreach first.

Google’s Play Store and Apples App Store are the dominant app marketplaces for mobile and both have entirely different architectures and protocols.

Plus, updates should be kept in mind for each separate version of the app, usually starting with Android first due to its larger consumer base. Experience developers who can help you get through this hurdle.

5. Purpose Built Security Methods in the App

Mobile App


When it comes to security, always trust on methods that have been thoroughly tried and tested. This ensures that attacks from hackers will have a less likely impact on your web app.

However, many web developers tend to veer in the direction of creating a self-made security system.

They do it with a belief that the attackers have not encountered such a unique system before and would be dumbfounded by its newness.

It sounds good no doubt, but it is not practical. Hackers and other online attackers are known for their propensity in exploiting existing security systems.

So, a new security system will likely have its flaw exposed by a hacker earlier than even its own developers. Therefore, stick with tried and tested security platforms for your web app.

6. Overlooking Navigation

In apps which are particularly resource-rich, it is very necessary that they are managed quite well, otherwise, the user will be lost.

Among the important aspects of a user experience, smooth navigation between content in an app is a must. This can be done on both visual and execution level.

The transitions between the content can be made such that it shows the direction and flow of the movement of content.

This easily allows the users to navigate to and from to the precise location of the content.

Similarly, the data should be linked such that in a branched data scheme, the user can jump back to one specific spot instead of having to find the content all over again.

Navigation, thus, should not be neglected.

Over to You

Developing web and mobile app is not a big deal but making it user-friendly and secure are most important.

To target the competitive market with an objective to get more users and provide them smooth engagement, your developer needs to avoid the above mistakes which are very common.

We have experienced web and mobile app developers to convert your ideas to initiative app which can stand in your target market.

Junaid Ali Qureshi
Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include, Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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