It’s always thankful to you that you have done a mobile app for your business to reach mobile users. The success of your mobile app always depends on the user engagement and retention. Getting people to download mobile app is not a big deal but keeping them engaging with the app is much more required to retain and generate revenue.

Mobile App engagement and retention are two different metrics which provides the real insight of app success. Low engagement and retention of apps lead failure to business but high engagement and retention help in business growth.

Mobile app engagement is the activities of users on your app after downloading and user retention is the percentages of users who are returning back to your app within three months of their download time or from the first session.

How to Maximize User Engagement and Retention of Mobile App


User engagement is the primary factor of the mobile app. To maximize the retention and engagement you need to come up with creative ideas and these should be properly implemented by your mobile app developer.

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