Website and Mobile app are the two different ways to interact with users but it seems, there is no more difference between these two.  Huge debates are going on the web about website and mobile app and most of them are keeping words that apps are dominating user’s attention.

Both website and mobile app are useful and both have limitations in terms of user’s requirement. This is true.

But the web predictions are telling that mobile app will surely dominate the entire web.

Let’s go through the Infographic to distinguish the major reasons why you will or should go for a mobile app over a website.

Why to go for mobile app over a website!


After all you need to choose the best option among the two as per your business need to reach the web users. Yes mobile app can drive loyal users and the conversion percentages are higher than the websites.

Still Confused! We are here to suggest you the best option for your business. Get into a discussion with one of our Technical Experts (proficient in both web and mobile) – will consult you with what you should go for!