SaaS Ecommerce Platform Advantages For Business Investment

SaaS Ecommerce Platform Advantages For Business Investment

SaaS Ecommerce Platform Advantages For Business Investment
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SaaS business is growing at a rapid rate and it’s definitely going to go even higher in the coming years and in 2018.

According to American research, advisory and information technology firm Gartner prediction;

SaaS will reach the “plateau of productivity” In the next year or two.


So it’s surely going to be huge.

According to Crozdesk’s;

SaaS and Cloud startup report 2018 “Public cloud market is expected to grow by 20 percent, while the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow by 22 percent in 2018”

(Source –

For any eCommerce business website, you need the basic model to shape your online store and a tiny mistake can impede you a lot while choosing the right platform.

Considering the present eCommerce industry market trends, SaaS eCommerce platform is one of the best options for online store.

It allows organizations to customize their infrastructure without breaking and cracking the shopping cart.

The API, Product data, customer and order data can be modified automatically. SaaS eCommerce platform is proving itself as a game changer in eCommerce market.

Below I have collected some of the most crucial benefits about SaaS eCommerce platform. But before that let’s have a quick look on some important statistics on SaaS like revenue projection and SaaS findings.

Public Cloud Revenue


SAAS Funding


It’s a common Question that every startup are asking – like “where to invest?”

This is completely depends on the investment potential. SaaS can be used as a front-end shopping cart with in a cost-effective mean to a much larger scale as you can imagine.

SaaS eCommerce platform front-end are extremely flexible to redesign.

Top Benefits of SaaS Ecommerce Platform

1. Flexibility in features

SaaS eCommerce platform are flexible in developing both the front end and complex back end features like integration and these can be crafted easily with your own development and deployment cycle.

Quick customization in features can be made with an intention to make your e-commerce store better, but there might be chances of security holes when you will do more modification quickly in your source code without proper testing.

So be sure you or your developer tests it well before pushing it to live.

2. Predictable and Constant Cost

SaaS eCommerce software’s are fit for all types of business and it’s cost-effective. For customization and support of your back end SaaS eCommerce solutions like

Orangescrum tiered with fix and constant monthly charges which can make your finance and budget planning easier.

Some SaaS eCommerce software vendors offer complete customization and maintenance and you can do the necessary changes according to your preferences.

3. Costing less in switching to SaaS

Switching to SaaS platform is cost saving measure and companies are switching to SaaS because of its convenience and simplicity.

With no hardware requirement for installation and minimal activity with your existing one you can reduce the complexity of managing it.

It not only saves cost but also saves you time, do quick deployment and maintenance, automatic up gradation and compatible with multiple devices.

4. Quickly launch your online store

Lunching your online business website takes very less time if you have information available with you like your company’s logo, product details, page content, banner image, payment gateway integration, shipping management tool and inbuilt or third party app integration.

Normally SaaS eCommerce platform takes very less time to launch your eCommerce store compared to others.

5. More Reliable than Self Hosted

SaaS is more reliable than self hosted.

In SaaS you will get high quality data center, data backups and you do need to bother about the hardware infrastructure and maintenance costs.

You will get instant support and quick access of your data anywhere at any time.

6. Easy to use and access with less technical knowledge

For your online store setup, you don’t need any technical skills because from designing template to store features everything is per-defined for you in SaaS eCommerce platform.

Drag and drop of items that you want place and voila it’s done.

SaaS platform has the capacity to manage the increased traffic to your store – which means your store will never crash at the time of huge user access or incoming traffic.

7. Security

Maintaining your e-commerce stores security is the most important thing for any eCommerce platform.

SaaS e-commerce platform provides high security to vendors to keep your data safe and let you focus on your core business.

Vendors are maintaining high quality data center with regular backups to keep your information safe.

So that you, your data and your customers data are all safe.

8. Easily processes the payment

SaaS eCommerce solution supports large number of payment options for large number of customers.

Automated systems make the life less complicated and remove the stress of human errors.

Automatic email notification and back end tracking system helps more than 70% of failed payments in their second attempts.

Multiple payment system integration with SaaS works seamlessly.

Conclusion…to end with

No doubt, SaaS e-commerce platform is more resourceful than other platforms.

Keeping eye on the present scenario and looking at the usage of SaaS platforms by companies, you will also expect SaaS e-commerce solution will gain high level acceptance in coming years.

The above information’s are only to tell you the benefits of SaaS solutions in your e-store development plan. You can share your thoughts through comments below.

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