Features that Make Orangescrum SaaS and Opensource Project Collaboration Tool More Functional

Features that Make Orangescrum SaaS and Opensource Project Collaboration Tool More Functional

Features that Make Orangescrum SaaS and Opensource Project Collaboration Tool More Functional
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Building smart SaaS software can proactively deliver actionable insights for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Adopting and releasing new functionalities in SaaS product can retain customers with quick solution of their problems. SaaS product with superior customer support, less in costs and the ability to deal complex problems can generate more users which help in generating more revenue.

Orangescrum the SaaS and Opensource Project collaboration tool has a lot of exciting features and functionalities to make your project management easier with powerful add-ons.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” — James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

In order to make significant growth in SaaS product, you need to adopt new features continuously and here I am going to describe the latest features implemented in Orangescrum Project collaboration tool by Andolasoft SaaS Product development team.

Mobile App:

You might get excited that Orangescrum has both android and iOS mobile app to manage and connect your project and team anywhere at any moment. You can keep your people and performance in track with “The Orangescrum” mobile app and can do the same what you are doing with web application.

Orangescrum Mobile Apps

Orangescrum Mobile Apps

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of Orangescrum mobile app.

  • Project creation and assignment made easy.
  • Easily access to all your project information.
  • No need to work with email or email exchange.
  • Quick collaborate and communicate with your business partners and team.

Slack Integration:

Slack the communication platform brings all communication in a single place. Using Slack you can communicate with your project team and clients with specific URL invitation by a team admin. We have implemented Slack integration with Orangescrum project collaboration tool to do real-time messaging, with team, group and clients.

Slack integration with Orangescrum

You can follow the simple steps of slack integration with your Orangescrum Project collaboration Tool.

Orangescrum Support Plan:

For better online support to both of our cloud and community user we are providing professional support services through our experienced and dedicated Orangescrum support team for all your requirements.

Reliable, proactive and secure support you need at one place with expert professionals at your disposal for guidance and solutions.

Let’s have a look at our support plan details,

Orangescrum Support Plan

What Next?



We are going to release Orangescrum self-hosted version very soon so that you get full control over your data. You install it on your own server after your purchase and easily move your existing cloud data to your server. You get all updates, enhancements, bug fixes and security patches free for the first year.



SaaS product development is the real-time business between customers and SaaS Company. You need to develop your SaaS products with latest features and functions to establish seamless online experience which will satisfy professional, personal, Small, Medium and Large Enterprise needs.

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