Increase Sales with E-commerce Chat on Your Commercial Website

Increase Sales with E-commerce Chat on Your Commercial Website

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You might have heard about – using a Chat Application for quick customer support and improving the overall sales momentum especially if it is an e-commerce website.

Look at one of the most famous saying by Steve Jobs – and it’s true to the core.

Steve Jobs

And that’s what exactly we need to understand. A chat application enhances and helps to improve an integral part of e-commerce – famously known as ‘Customer Experience’.

Now, let us take a normal scenario;

John is an ‘Executive Customer Support Officer’ at one of the famous e-commerce organization. And he misses some of the vital conversations or not able to reply back at the exact time – that is required. This makes the entire situation even worse.  Important thing is to reply to a customer at the exact time when it is required to – so that you can help people efficiently.

John often faces this situation – and imagines having some sort of auto-reply featurette for the most frequently asked questions. This again will transform the entire customer experience platform to a different genre.

It’s a general situation that you might have faced some or other time – some of your potential customers or users are disconnecting in the middle of their shopping process.One of the most common reasons this happens is because of the online shopping trouble or lack of assistance that the customers do not get while shopping.

Customer or users has all the rights to ask or know all merits and demerits of a product or a services –and getting a quick assistance from support staffs at exact that moment is much needed at that particular time.

You might not even know, your potential customers are waiting in your website. So don’t make your customer wait and don’t halt the growth of your business.

Integration of chat in your website is the best way to get out from this situation; which is much faster and efficient than email and phone.

Live chats bring additional leads to your business and establish direct link with customer or users to know their need and requirements.

“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.”


According to ATG Global Consumer Trend study

“62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again. A further 38% of respondents said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself. All these attitudes were even more prevalent among respondents who bought online at least weekly.”


This article is all about chat e-commerce application and how it will improve your business and tips on how to maximize its effectiveness.

What is chat e-Commerce?

Chat E-Commerce basically provides information about your product, chat tools, reports & analytics, getting feedback, team management and current location to several customers at the same time. It helps to connect the customers to your company representatives and have their questions answered, instantly.

Why customers like Chat

  • It transits a clear communication between customer and merchant.
  • It provides historical records of chats.
  • It can be use anywhere like home, work station, etc.
  • Customer can get the information of the product easily.
  • Live Chat effectively remove language obstacle.
  • It provides not only the chatting facility but also gives product information and other customer’s opinion, in a jiffy.

How does this application work?

  1. Identify:
    • In this segment, you can see the name of the visitors, their location, and the page they are viewing.
    • This is valuate information that you can use to spot prospective visitors, invite them to chat and convert them into customers.
  2. Chat:
    • In this segment,you can communicate with your clients. You will handle all visitor enquiries using number of chat function like request, response, and transfer or share a file.
  3. Visitor sections:
    • In this segment, you can show a bunch of information about people who are currently visiting your site.
    • You can see not only who is currently browsing through your website but also which website your visitors access, which of those visitors are online and who went offline.
  4. Switch between chats:
    • To handle several chats at the same time efficiently you need to keep switching between them.
    • Your visitors do not know that you are chatting with more than one person, so that you can manage multiple customers simultaneously.
  5. Message sneak-peek:
    • By using this you will be able to see what the visitor is typing in before they send it over.
    • This allows you to start formulating the answer faster making your response quicker.
  6. File sharing:
    • You can send and receive files over chats using the file sharing option.

What are the important features of these Apps?

  1. How it helps a customer (their point of view)
    • Many online consumers want help from a live person (a human) while they are shopping online. An online chat system provides customers immediate access to help without having to pick-up the phone or wait for a reply.
    • You can easily know the different status update about the product.
    • It makes people feel more comfortable talking openly about their question or complaint with low cost and wasting any time.
    • Live chat is convenient for customers and it is one of the most dynamic methods present to connect with customer.
    • Customer can easily show the previous chat history by scrolling up during a conversion and after the conversion.
    • Customer can chat for multiple products at the same time.
  2. How it helps merchants
    • Chatting is an innovative approach for E-Commerce merchants to assist the consumers. The chat helps retailers, as it allows the company to connect with the customer during the shopping process and after a purchase.
    • This reduces the need for retailers to deal with customer service request in future and also allows them to cross sell or up sell items.
    • Push notification will let you know about new customers, chats, message etc.
    • You can easily know the different status update about the customers.
    • You can increase sales through the advertisement.

What should be taken care?

  1. Security of the payment
    • You need to use best encryption process for secure payment, without which customers would hesitate to use the app.
    • Some customers don’t want to give any payment information via chat then you need to restrict to show the credit card details in the application as shown in below picture.
    • Only the last couple of digits will be revealed for identification purpose.
    • Popular payment gateway should be used to get the customer’s faith on you.
    • Use two-step verification process to make it even more secure and to gain customers confidence.
  2. Your price point:It is a big part of e-commerce. The fact is – price comparisons are extremely easy for the consumers. Take care of your price and you get to gain in a much faster rate.
  3. Notification:Notifications is as important as other featurettes like – when a customer asks any thing, when a new customer coming and if a customer shares any file.
  4. Customer relations:E-Commerce offers a variety of different ways to relate to your customer like E-mail, FAQs, knowledge bases, forums, chat rooms etc. Integrating these features into your chat E-commerce app, helps you differentiate yourself from the competition market.
  5. The back-end:
    • Give some gift and special discount.
    • Try to fulfill all the customer requirements.
    • Give the return facility.

How much it costs?

  • Well it’s all in the name of the app and how good it is.


It is important for an e-commerce organization to give the best of support and connecting with your customers instantly. And moreover this is the best way to know your customer and their interests, faster.

Happy chatting.

We can help you in creating a customized web chat app – that works for you without the hassle. Connect with us or leave a comment below, will reply back.

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