Most Effective Tactics to Design Amazing iOS Apps

Most Effective Tactics to Design Amazing iOS Apps

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This is the era of mobile devices. And in order to build your own intuitive iOS apps, you should know the below basics.

Design Principle

  • Simplicity: Throughout the app, text must be readable, icons should be precise, colors, fonts, and graphics must be soft on eyes. The important contents must be highlighted as applicable to boost interactivity.


  • Accessibility: It works for users with disabilities, providing alternative text labels for images, icons; including closed captions and audio descriptions.
  • Authentication: If your app requires authentication, you need to keep the sign-in process quick and easy. Make the apps user friendly and minimize data entry by showing appropriate keyboards.
  • Data Entry: It’s always better to use a picker or drop down menu over a text field, as it’s easier to choose from a list of predefined options. Also, it’s frustrating to go back and correct mistakes after filling out a lengthy form, validating the values immediately is better. Using placeholders for every field isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Feedback: Customer feedback provide valuable insights on how you can improve your app in terms of UI/UX, functionalities etc.
  • Requesting Permission: Just be extra careful to request any personal data only when you clearly need it.

Amazing iOS Apps Design

Visual Design

  • Animation: Use animation and motion effects judiciously. Excessive or want on animation can make visitors feel disconnected.
  • Color: Use complementary colors throughout your app. Avoid using the same color for body and call-to-action (CTA) areas.
  • Layout: Primary contents should always be clear and visible. Also ensure that your app is compatible with portrait and landscape orientations.


  • App Icon: The App icon is the true identity of your app. It has to be beautiful and expressive; period.
  • Images: iOS uses coordinate system based on measurements in points, which map to the pixels in display. As a result, high-resolution displays require images with more pixels.

Once a user is in your app, are a couple of taps good enough to perform anything? If not, it’s time to redesign.
 Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Wrapping up…

The basic purpose behind every app should be to make lives easier for the users. Hence, you have to be one step ahead of your users and show them the way. Anything less, is just not going to work.

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