Top 3 iOS UI Design Tools –Storyboards/XIBs/Custom Code

Top 3 iOS UI Design Tools –Storyboards/XIBs/Custom Code

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Very often iOS developers consider about, What’s the best tool to develop a User Interface in iOS: using Storyboards or XIBs or Custom Code?. Answers to this question, assumed that a mutually exclusive choice to be made. The developer needs to address upfront anyhow, before beginning the development process.

Here I discuss the above citing the advantages and drawbacks of each of the design approaches.




Considering all the suggestions… it’s not easy to pick out a clear winner. Hence, the usage of these tools is completely based on the context of the UI design. We may take one approach or the other, depending on how the app is to be developed.

What’s your experience? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Ankeet P
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