Android Pay-Google’s answer to Apple Pay

Android Pay-Google’s answer to Apple Pay

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What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is the new Google wallet that can store your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards information; enabling users to make payments via its app. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to transmit card information for all the fund transfer.

Android Pay

How does Android Pay work?

  • Available on the Google Play Store, the app works only in selected countries for now. Google is working in full-fledged for a wider roll out.
  • Add your debit/credit/loyalty cards. If you already have a card in your Google account, just add it by confirming a few details. If you’re adding a new card from any of the participating banks, you just take a snap of the card or you can enter the info manually in the app itself.
  • Simply unlock your phone to use the app at any of the accepted terminals. It’s that easy.

Security and Card Information:

Android Pay takes advantage of the fingerprint scanner ID available across most of the latest Android devices. On devices without fingerprint ID, it works with a passcode.

It doesn’t send the credit/debit card info to any parties. It generates a virtual account number representing the user’s account,keeping customer payment information private, and sending a one-time security code instead.

Where can you use Android Pay?

As of 2016, it’s currently available in the United States, UK, Singapore and Australia.

Is Android Pay Secure?

Yes!According to Google, it’s working with leading payment networks and financial institutions in the US & abroad to deliver industry standard security tokenization. With this, the retailer receives a newly generated 16 digit virtual number instead of your actual account number. So, even if there’s any major credit card data breach at a retailer, your card remains safe.

Did we miss anything on Google’s answer to the Apple Pay? It’s gotta be successful, considering Android’s dominance over the mobile phone market. Is this going to start a new revolution in the mobile segment? Give your opinion below.

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