8 Popular Mobile Technology Trends

8 Popular Mobile Technology Trends

8 Popular Mobile Technology Trends
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Now a days, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives.

The entire mobile industry aims on creating more innovative personalized experiences that too with immediate effect and seamlessly.

So, during the coming years brands would engage and interact with users on the latter’s choice.

In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.  – Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

Here are a few mobile technology trends to watch out:

Wearable Tech

Wearable gadgets technology has seen a steady rise over the last year. With the predicted growth rate of about 800% during 2014-2020 and the major big tech companies working on wearable gadgets, the market is surely something to watch out for.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

There will be more demand for cross-platform mobile solutions that help mobile developers’ ability to transit back and forth between devices of multiple platforms. The expectations will be true for same power, look-n-feel, to perform their tasks, manage and visualize massive amounts of data in any screen size.

Mobile CRM

Mobile and Social Network can be integrated seamlessly into CRM platforms like never before.  More than 40% of the organizations are expected to rely on mobile digital technologies for their sales automation, given the unforeseen adoption rate and focus on mobile technology.

Ad Targeting

Mobile is likely to account for almost 50% of the digital ad budget in the next year (worth more than $100B). As businesses improve their ability to create data-driven experiences for the customers, targeting of ads will greatly improve and consequently become much more effective.

Mobile Video

A recent study by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), suggests that 58% of people watch videos on a daily basis on their mobile devices. No wonder, companies like Netflix, Hulu and Hotstar are going places.

More Security

This has to be one of the most significant areas under mobile technologies. What started from pass codes/patterns has now gone to fingerprint and retina scanners. Because mobile is the new wallet, the need for security is higher.

Mobile Payments

Working in tandem with the previous trends, mobile technology today allows for payments to be made on-the-go. Nobody likes to carry a bulky wallet or remember all the pass codes anymore. Hence,it’s essential that the payment process through mobile devices has to be seamless.

Mobile Commerce

More than half of the world’s e-commerce traffic now comes from mobile devices. That’s a big change in dynamics from a few years back. Banks are going paperless with their mobile apps too. Hence, it’s easy to say that mobile commerce will grow at a high rate in the coming years.

Whether or not all the above predictions come true, we’re convinced that customers will be the winners.

Do you wish to add anything here? I’d appreciate if you can share your thoughts below…

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