Studies say that a man remembers 10% of what he hears, 20% of what he sees and 90% of what he participates in. That’s exactly why Virtual Reality (VR) holds enormous potential for a number of fields like medical healthcare, communications, real estate etc.

virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is all about blending virtual reality with real life and if recent advancements are a sign, it will take over the entire world sooner than we believe. From m

edical training’s in surgery to online travel bookings… it’s already making its mark.

Let’s discuss about some amazing uses of AR & VR.

Real Estate & Architecture

Real Estate

Architects have come a long way from big sheets of royal blue paper with dotted white lines to CAD software to computer-rendered mockups of a physical space. VR will enable the architects to work on project models like never before. Wouldn’t it be amazing to check out how your dream home will look like, even before the ground work has begun.

Brand Advertisements:

Brand Advertisements

With AR, the advertising industry is poised for a huge boost.Imagine trying out clothing from your favorite brand sitting at home. Or check out the interiors of your dream car… It’s all possible.



VR is already being used in psychological treatments for many behavioral disorders. VR therapy together with psycho-therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy has been used to treat disorders among the general population, as well as criminal behavior.With AR, the biggest beneficiaries will be our future doctors… who can get trained in surgeries from the best in business.



In coming years, AR/VR will teach us more thanany other existing medium. Using Immersive VR environments we can place students in any real world, show them life-size replicas of anything they want to learn. It’sgonna to be exciting!



Planning for a special holiday? Imagine sitting on the couch of the suite you’re planning to book. Or to check out how the view is atop the BurjKhalifa. AR/VR is really going to revolutionize the tourism industry.



If there’s one industry most excited by VR, it’s Entertainment. AR/VR games have already taken over many of our lives, latest being the hugely popular PokemonGo. Android & YouTube already have dedicated sections for VR contents, while Google & Facebook are so much into the 360* viewing. Don’t be surprised if you get to watch a movie in VR soon.

So what’s next? I think AR/VR will go a step ahead & give us the sensation of performing things like walking, running, driving, swimming or flying.Imagine what happens when scientists at NASA or surgeons & engineers get their hands on specially-crafted virtual reality technologies designed to help them do their jobs better. They’ll solve more problems. The world will literally be a smaller place.

Everything will change, for the better. Fast.

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Let me know about your thoughts on Virtual & Augmented Reality. Are you equally excited?