Google Duo vs FaceTime vs Skype vs Messenger

Google Duo vs FaceTime vs Skype vs Messenger

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Google has rolled out a whole new video calling app ‘Duo’, to rival Skype, Apple’s FaceTime & Facebook’s Messenger. Yes, a whole new app; not just another update to Hangouts.

Now, the million dollar question is, why would you want yet another app on your phone? Here, let’s see what they share in common or different.


The tech giant’s latest offering focuses on making things simpler. The app only offers video calls between your phone contacts, and that’s it. No clutters, no noises.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Usability: The app is too simple literally. You just need to register your mobile number to get started. You can also view your caller before answering, with the new ‘Knock knock’ feature.

Performance: Google claims that it would switch automatically between Wi-Fi & cellular data, without interrupting the call.


Apple’s highly popular video calling app has a very loyal fan base, and covers the entire Apple eco-system.

Platforms: All Apple devices (except the Apple Watch)

Usability: It requires an Apple ID, which all the apple device users usually have. Most importantly, it supports calls directly from the contacts list with continuity across all registered devices.

Performance: Switches seamlessly between Wi-Fi & cellular data; Needs a stable internet connection though.


The most popular video calling app, literally wins the battle in terms of availability & features. While the others are still in pipeline, Skype Vs Google Duo… the competition is sure to be the word on the street.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire, Android Wear, Apple Watch, Xbox One & a few smart TVs.

Usability: It requires a registered Email ID, which can also be linked to Outlook & GroupMe. It offers Skype-to-Skype calls, group calls, instant messaging, calls to mobile phones and landlines, screen sharing, call forwarding and a translator.

Performance: Supports group conversations for up to 25 users. You can also send instant messages while video chatting.


Facebook’s very own messaging app has really grown by leaps and bounds off late. Once, seen as an unwanted add-on… it now offers video calling, voice calling & group calls across a range of platforms.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Android Wear & Web Browsers

Usability: Offers video calling from web browsers as well as mobile apps. Facebook also promises to bring a lot more engagement to messenger, on the lines of China’s WeChat. Interesting times ahead.

Performance: It now supports group calls among up to 50 users, which is more than any of its peers are offering.

Every app has its own advantages. Apple’s FaceTime offers superior quality service, since Apple controls both the software & hardware for its devices. At the same time this is the disadvantage as well.

Google’s Duo is the new kid on the block; Is simple but only offers video calls. Messenger is useful since so many of us are on Facebook now a days, but the data encryption is something to worry about.

Skype on the other hand currently seems to be leading, with its availability across multi platforms & with range of features.

However, the apps are free. You can try ‘em out and share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

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