Andolasoft releases 2nd Open Source tool: WakeUpSales

Andolasoft releases 2nd Open Source tool: WakeUpSales

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Finding it tough to organize, track and grow your sales pipeline? The only way out is with an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like WakeUpSales.

Developed in Ruby on Rails, WakeUpSales is a simple Open Source CRM tool that helps you in every phase of your Business Life-cycle. Streamline your Sales Activities, create powerful Customer Relationships & nurture them.

Here’s why you’ll love WakeUpSales:

  • Learn in minutes
  • Track every interaction
  • Improve your workflow
  • More productivity with less work


Building new customer apps or integrating with existing back office systems has never been easier. Just download, and you’ll be up-n-running.

It’s Powerful, Productive & above all, it’s Free!

Why wait? Try WakeUpSales today.

Have anything to share on CRM? Leave your suggestions/feedback below. It’ll only make us better.

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