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3,115 total views, 0 views today

As a Project Owner, or an investor you want your investment to be secured & the project to be delivered on time. With the #1 Open Source Project Management & Collaboration tool OrangeScrum, it’s piece of cake whether it comes to Enhance Collaboration, Productivity or Manage business activities.

Counting down 12 amazing features that Orangescrum existing users have valued and I am sure you can’t wait to try out!

Manage multiple tasks across projects v/s teams at one place irrespective of their geo location.

Prioritize, schedule or track the progress of all the tasks in no time.

Actively involve project members in the project planning, controlling progress & effective communication, ensuring proper collaboration.

Save time on sending multiple mails for tasks. We know the pain of managing projects via e-mails.

Keep track of hours spent, weekly usage & resource utilization.

Track who’s doing what without asking, with daily progress reports delivered to every stakeholder via email.

Get a visual overview of your workflow based on the type of tasks: What’s going on & What’s next.

Take a sneak-peak on to the progress of every task, with thoughtfully color-assigned stages such as New, In Progress, Resolved or Closed.

Keep an eye on the time taken by each resources w.r.t the tasks.

Many of the features are driven by people just like you, from what you actually need. So why wait? Take a Demo. You’ll be amazed by what you can do with Orangescrum.

Share your pain-points of Project Management on info@andolasoft.com. This will help us in coming with an even better product for you.

Also, it would be nice if you leave your suggestions/feedback below.