Google I/O 2016: Key Announcements

Google I/O 2016: Key Announcements

Google I/O

At I/O this year, Google displayed its vision for a more omnipresent way of interacting with technology. Some of the areas are dominated by a few other companies, but with its superiority in AI Google has clearly put the best foot forward.

Here’s everything announced at Google I/O 2016:

Daydream & VR

Google I/O 
Built on top of Android N, Daydream provides users with an ecosystem to play around in. It looks much more powerful than Cardboard & represents a huge step in the push to advance VR out of its infancy.

Google also showed off a reference design for a smartphone-powered VR headset that looks like a smaller, cordless Oculus Rift.

Android N

Google I/O
The latest version of the world’s most used mobile OS is certainly smarter, faster & better. Some of the new features include split-screen multitasking, more control over notification size from different apps & a new picture-in-picture mode.

Android Wear 2.0

Google I/O
Google says, it’s the biggest overhaul to Android Wear since its release way back in 2014. It’s said to be loaded with automatic exercise recognition, better third-party app syncing, swipeable QWERTY keyboard and much more.

Google Assistant

Google I/O
The next-gen Google Assistant feels more like a chat app than the search-based Google Now. It learns what responses to offer based on how you write.

Android Instant Apps

Google I/O
Now you can load parts of Apps even if you haven’t installed them. Yes, it’s possible. Google says it will take developers ‘less than a day of work’ to modularize their apps for the program & that it’ll be rolling out to users later this year.


Google I/O
A mobile-only messaging app that you sign up for with your phone number & have the option of connecting to your Google account.


Google I/O
A video chatting app much like Apple’s FaceTime. It’s only restricted to mobile devices for now.

Google Home 

Google I/O
A small speaker with always-listening microphones that integrates into a broad range of services. It’ll answer questions and execute commands relying on Google’s Assistant technology. The clear comparison is with Amazon’s Echo.

Android Auto

Google I/O
The popular traffic-tracking app Waze is now built directly into it, letting drivers see speed limits and accident alerts in real time. It can also connect to cars over Wi-Fi, yes you read it!

Wrapping it up

At the I/O 2016, Google has placed big bets on 3 of the hottest fields in technology: VR, Messaging & Smart Assistants. The teasers look impressive, however I feel there’s a lot to be asked. Guess, we’ll have to wait for a while.

Which are the features/updates you’re most excited about? I would be happy to hear from you.

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