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Android & iOS operating systems are structurally distinct and often cause confusion for developers trying to make a one-fits-all app. With Hybrid platform, developers can create entirely native apps with a single set of codes, solving common development issues such as:

  • Creating apps without the need to revise them
  • Controlling app versions without losing actual semantics & purpose
  • Developing an app without tweaking the code every time

However, it’s difficult (if not impossible) for PhoneGap/Cordova apps to be both cross platform & leverage familiar native platform interfaces. This is where Xamarin cross-platform application development comes into the forefront.

Major Advantages of Xamarin over Other Players are:

  • Seamless sharing of the app logic across platforms
  • Native UI–Xamarin Studio (IDE) supports code completion in C#
  • High performance assembled code with total access to native APIs
  • Build applications on C#
  • The component store boasts of a host of free & paid components

Xamarin, complies to the native code & uses native APIs to display the UI. So, a well-written Xamarin app takes advantage of all of the platform’s common interface paradigms & best practices.

Hence, it’s recommended to adopt Xamarin over Hybrid solutions in order to achieve best-in-class UX (user experience).

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