eBook on How to Integrate iCloud in iOS, Released!

eBook on How to Integrate iCloud in iOS, Released!

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Released in 2011, iCloud helps users to synchronize their data across devices. It’s a set of central servers which stores documents and makes the latest version available to every device/app compatible with iCloud (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, or even Windows PC).

Many of the iCloud features are intuitive at a glance. But sometimes it takes a while to dig out the details. After testing all the features & settings, I’ve decided to come up with an eBook for you.
Now you too, can become a power user!

This eBook looks into iCloud by implementing a set of simple applications which interact with cloud servers to read, write & edit documents.

The following points have been touched upon in the eBook:

How iCloud Works
iCloud allows you to upload your local data to central servers on the net and receive updates from other devices. The replication of content across devices is achieved by means of a continuous background process (daemon) which detects changes to a resource (document) & uploads them to the central storage in real-time.

Configure iCloud in iOS
Configuration steps allow you to set the services you want to sync like calendar, contacts, photos etc.

Enable iCloud in your App
Creating a simple app that manages a shared iCloud document called “dox”. The app will be universal &would be able to run across devices.

Check for iCloud Availability
While developing an app, best thing to do is to check the availability of iCloud as soon as the application starts. Although iCloud is available on all iOS devices, not everyone configures it.

iCloud API Overview
To store documents in iCloud you can do things manually if you’d wish, by moving files to/from the iCloud directory with new methods in NSFileManager and the new classes NSFilePresenter, NSFileCoordinator. However, this is more complex than it sounds.

Makes Sense?

Do you have an App on iOS? Are you on the Cloud? To read the full eBook, please visit http://www.andolasoft.com/ebook/ & get your copy. It’s absolutely free!

Have anything cool to share on iCloud? Write to me at info@andolasoft.com

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