How to Get your iOS App on the App Store

How to Get your iOS App on the App Store

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Every iOS application developed for public use must be approved by Apple, before it’s released on the App Store. The process is pretty straightforward, with just a form to be filled up. However, finalizing the launch date has its challenges when you are not sure how long Apple would take to give the green light.

There are three things you must be aware of: the guidelines, available resources and your options.

Reviewing the application guidelines for App Store ahead of time can save you major headaches if your app is rejected due to unnecessary code or incorrect use of the ad framework. Even then, it doesn’t always guarantee acceptance, so be ready to respond quickly to any issues that may arise after the submission process starts.

Make sure you pay attention to the unofficial app review time. New apps take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for approval. However, updates tend to take longer than the existing versions.

Expediting the process is an option. However, use this only when necessary. A justifiable expedition request falls into one of the two categories: an urgent bug fix (when a third-party API changes causing your app to crash on launch) or any time-sensitive event. Remember that these requests are taken only at Apple’s discretion.

Apple reviews each & every app against these ever-changing guidelines before approving it for inclusion on the App Store.

Make sure after your app is approved, you need to release it manually to appear on the App Store. Most of the time, this is done to ensure both the Android and iOS versions are available on the same day.

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Conclusion: Converting a great Idea to an awesome iOS App is by no means a tough job. But that’s not all! Deploying it successfully to the App Store is not behind.

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