6 Amazing Health Apps that You should Download Right Now

6 Amazing Health Apps that You should Download Right Now

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Eat healthy, lose weight faster and achieve your weight goals better than ever with 6 of the most amazing apps that you can download right now for your iPhone or Android.

So, you have searched everywhere and looking for best iPhone or android apps that could help you to shed some few pounds. Apps that assists you to get the right amount of proteins, fiber and carbs in a day, to tracking the calories you can burn maximum with the right kind of exercises. The real dare is to find the best ones that suits you! Find below some of my most favorites…


fitbit-1-1 fitbit-2 fitbit-3

The FitBit app is a personal fitness gadget that tracks each workout in real time (Whether you Run, Walk or Hike) with audio feedback and sync with GPS mode that maps your route.

This amazing app also logs your food and drinks intakes measuring the calories to help manage your weight. Has handy barcode scanner for quick Calorie estimation while shopping.

Source: macsales
Developed/Published By: Fitbit, Inc.
Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

myfitnesspal-1 myfitnesspal-2 myfitnesspal-3

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app can track your & your friend’s calories vis-à-vis exercise. It has a built-in vast food library, barcode scanner and manual input option that can help you track your food habit and resultant effect on your weight in any specific day, a good motivator app.

This is also supported by many developers and integrates with many other apps.

Source: imore
Developed By: MyFitnessPal.com
Available on: iOS, Android

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

sleepcycle-1 sleepcycle-2 sleepcycle-3

The Sleep Cycle app is a built-in motion tracker that analyses your sleep phase. Working like an Alarm clock this App also charts out your deep and shallow sleep period, allowing it to wake you up with customized Tinkling alarms (Optional) in the lean-sleep phase.

It tracks sleep quality over time graphing the effect of Specific food and drinks on your sleep cycle in a given day for your well-being.

A beautiful iOS app that makes waking up made easy and refreshing.

Sources: macworld
Developed By: Northcube AB
Available on: iOS, Android

Butt Sworkit – Free Workout Trainer to tone, tighten, and lift


Sworkit is the ULTIMATE Personal Digital Trainer app, creates the program to fit your workout schedule. It manages digital music with video exercise playlists and personalization at the core, still get fit in the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office.

You can create workouts for: Any Target area such as abs, back, butt, chest, hips, legs, stomach, thighs, etc. or modify your own custom workouts from the library.

iPhone users can optionally choose to sync their completed workout lengths, calories burned and workout type directly into Apple’s Health app.

This app is part of the mini app series that aims to deliver quick and effective workouts that fit your life.
Butt Sworkit provides 3 unique workouts: Glute Blast, Brazilian Lift and Feel the Burn

Source: iTunes
Developed By: Nexercise Inc.
Available on: iOS, Android

Pacifica – Anxiety, stress, & depression relief based on CBT & Mindfulness

pascifica-3 pascifica-1pascifica-2

Pacifica App provides complete tools to treat human basing on perceptive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, relaxation and health…

Identify the factors igniting anxiety (like exercise, sleep, caffeine, alcohol and more) tracking the Mood History and address them using the Apple Health app.  The App is designed to monitor your feelings, alongside the other aspects of life.  Also allows you to set goals and challenges for yourself helping fight your everyday anxieties.

Chat and share Pacifica data with your friends, family or therapist. This includes mood history, thought records and completed experiments.

Sources: thinkpacifica
Developed By: Pacifica Labs Inc.
Available on: iOS, Android


mycircadianclock-3 mycircadianclock-1 mycircadianclock-2

It’s an app that logs the food intake habit of persons and provides a customized ‘feedogram’ to help improve their erratic eating habits and stay fit; maintaining good health.

Scientists @ Salk Institute Dr. Satchidananda Panda and Dr. Gill have conceptualized this app that can receive the info on food habits, interpret and pattern it.

This app has been developed by Andolasoft under the guidance of Dr. Panda. The app needs the users to send the details (photos) of their food and drinks, including the timestamp of consumption.

The app allows user to take picture of anything, what they ate or drank and send to server along with timestamp.

The purpose of this app is to analyze the pattern of food intake habits.

Read this to know How does this App work!

Developed By: Andolasoft
Published By: Salk Institute
Available on: iOS, Android

Amazing Apps to Keep fit and Healthy…every day.

Never before any app silently tracks your food habits, sleep mode, effective workouts and manages Behavioral Therapy for a healthy and fit body.

Please Visit Andolasoft’s iOS Service for more information and details on our services. Send us your inputs at info@andolasoft.com. You’ve an idea talk to us. We would be more than happy to discuss.

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