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What is “myCircadianClock”?

It’s an app that logs the food intake habit of persons and provides a customized ‘feedogram’ to help improve their erratic eating habits and stay fit; maintaining good health.

Scientists @ Salk Institute Dr. Satchidananda Panda and Dr. Gill have conceptualized this app that can receive the info on food habits, interpret and pattern it.

This app has been developed by Andolasoft under the guidance of Dr. Panda. The app needs the users to send the details (photos) of their food and drinks, including the timestamp of consumption.

The app allows user to take picture of anything, what they ate or drank and send to server along with timestamp.

The purpose of this app is to analyse the pattern of food intake habits.

How does this App work!

The app ‘myCircadianClock’ helps you to track the daily eating habits to maintain a good-healthy life. Data shared/posted by you through this app helps the researchers configure your daily pattern of Eating, Sleeping and Medication deciding your health and personal well-being.

Simultaneously; the app presents personalized info on the effect of your daily pattern relating to your body weight, measure of wellbeing and related health factors.

You can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play developed and monitored by Andolasoft.

In order to start using the myCircadianClock you need to request for the access code after consenting for the research study. Visit, http://mycircadianclock.org/ and follow the steps as shown below;

AS_Salk_2_12_15_v3Now, you can start using the app with your email and access code received in your mailbox. The mail that you would have received would be like the below example;

circadian_clock (1)
We’re sure you have downloaded your version of App either for Android or iOS smartphone. If not click on the links below to install the app for your respective device;

Live life the Circadian Way, N’joy good health!

Voila! It’s your turn. Just Download the App, Your health card in your fingertip. We are sure this article will be of help. We welcome your comments. Please Visit Andolasoft’s Mobile App Service for more information and details. You can also write to us at info@andolasoft.com.