7 Quick Steps to Integrate Google Analytics in iOS App!

7 Quick Steps to Integrate Google Analytics in iOS App!

Google Analytics
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As we know, prior to starting any business market study is a must. In other words, it is apparent to know what already exists and what is in demand.

Here are few market study tools to track the usage of application such as, Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics. In this article, I would like to discuss about Google Analytics and to be very specific Google Analytics integration in iOS Platform.

How iOS Integration Helps
Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that shows detailed statistics about the usability of a website or an mobile application. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring your application’s usability or to perform A/B testing to experiment if new features are working good both functionally and exponentially. It provides us a high-level, dashboard-type data for an overview of your application’s performance and more in-depth report for the application.

Points to Note
Data should be communicated to Google Analytics by 4 a.m. of the day, in the local timezone. Any data received later than that will not appear in reports. For an example, if a hit is queued locally at 11:50pm, it must be dispatched within 3:59am, to appear in reports. On the contrary, a hit queued at 12:00am must be dispatched within 28 hours, i.e. 3:59am of the next day, in order to appear in reports.

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Go ahead and give us a shot.

The tips we have shown above shouldn’t take much time to put in place and it’s worth the effort. We are sure this article will be of help. You’re most welcome with your comments.

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