What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You Exactly About Google Mobile Friendliness (Infographic)

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You Exactly About Google Mobile Friendliness (Infographic)

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Recently, Google has made an announcement – April 21 onwards, the mobile-friendliness of sites will be considered as a ranking signal by the search engine giant.

According to recent survey and research, for 2015 almost 31% of web traffic is shared by smartphones with a year-on-year growth percentage of 39%. Further, almost 75% of business apps will be built for mobile-first use and 100% of the consumer apps will be built for mobile-first use.

Now, that makes it clear why Google is changing its ranking algorithm and pushing towards mobile friendly websites post 4/21. It’s also quite clear that even if you are able to maintain your keyword ranking in mobile search after 4/21, you may not be able to sustain your mobile traffic. Now that is a situation to think about!

  1. Most Important Question: How do I know if my site meets Google’s requirements for mobile friendliness?
    In order to understand better, Google has created a Mobile-Friendliness Tool that will respond you with Yes/No based on the URL supplied.
  2. If my website is not mobile-friendly, how will it affect my desktop rankings?
    Google’s crawl would drift away from your site resulting low-traffic and ultimately low in ranking, thereby increasing your bounce rate. Your business is bound to suffer.
  3. if I have a mobile app, how it will help my website rankings?
    According to Maria Moeva (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) that Google will be considering “high quality” apps to be a positive ranking factor in mobile search. Means, the links between your website and app will improve your website ranking searching on mobile. If you add deep links to your android mobile app and associate them to matching web pages, Google will recognize the bridge between the app and your web content.
  4. Do I really need an app? Android or iOS? What if my budget is limited?
    Whether to go for Android or iOS can be decided by the density of the users in that region/country. Nowadays smartphone users are ever growing and the browsing via phone is gaining popularity above the desktop, it’s high time to get your site updated – the mobile friendly way.

What are you waiting for? It’s high time to act now!

Interesting fact 1: 74% of consumers will wait for 10-12 seconds for a web page to load on their device before abandoning the site.

Interesting fact 2: According to a survey – America’s time spent per day on mobile devices has increased 475% in three years.


Time is running out. Get your own “Google mobile-friendly” label for your website!

No issues, if you have not thought about it. Act now!

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