Free Magento Plug-in: Add Promotional Banner to your home page with “Easy Homepage Banner”

Free Magento Plug-in: Add Promotional Banner to your home page with “Easy Homepage Banner”

Magento Extensions and plug-ins are simply a great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores. Magento, is quick and easy E-commerce software to build highly scalable online store. Magento software is built on Zend PHP framework which provides great flexibility and reliability to Magento powered stores. No doubt, there are more than 1700+ extensions built for Magento stores, the number of extensions are increasing day-by-day which adds up to the vitality of your stores.

What it does
Andolasoft releases, a new plug-in for your w-commerce websites built with Magento. Easy Homepage Banner is a simple plug-in which can add promotional banner in the home page just before the content section. It can also help developers who are new in magento development to understand magento folder structure easily and effectively.

Our easy homepage banner extension is a simple and effective solution which helps to attract your customers and bringing them one click nearer to your products. Expand your sales with this creative, eye-catching and interesting banner.  Image modifications can be done effortlessly that will help to customize your banner as you have in mind.

Easy homepage banner extension will help you to:
1. Manage and channelize your store banner campaign
2. You can target a specific group (age group etc)
3. Display offers and discounts or new arrivals with ease
4. Display weekend offers or special hours content information

Grab this free magento plug-in for free. Enhance and attract your customers with the easy homepage banner to showcase offers, discounts, hourly offers and much more.
Enter your email below and the zip file of the plug-in will be directly delivered to your inbox. Time is money, so stop thinking and start working. Take charge and order for your free Easy Homepage Banner Extension now. Hurry up, and get your copy now.


Magento Compatibility
This plug-in is compatible with versions starting from 1.6 to 1.9.1.

Easy Homepage Banner provides you enhanced features for outstanding banners & innovative content management for your ecommerce site

  1. A must-have extension for every ecommerce website.
  2. Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to customize
  3. Easy 1 minute installation (with full installation guide attached)
  4. Allow uploading banner image, banner thumbnail
  5. W3C HTML/CSS validated, SEO compatible
  6. Target your banners and content on store view, category, product, customer group and date range
  7. Show targeted URL content in same window, new tab or pop-up
  8. Doesn’t affect Magento core files.
  9. Friendly and flexible configuration
  10. 100% open-source

Downloading and installing (With Steps)

It’s easy to get the free Magento Easy Homepage Banner plug-in start working for you. Download the plug-in (zip file) delivered in your mailbox.

It is always recommended to install magento plug-in via magento connect manager. We can install extensions by browsing the package file and also from the extension key from (Magento marketplace).

Step 1: Download our extension from our site,

Step2:  Login to your magento connect manager. (System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager).
Step3: Browse and upload our extensions package file.
Step4: Return to admin panel and log out then log in once again.
Step5: Go to System > Configuration > Andolasoft > Homepage Banner Setting

The free Magento plug-in (Zip file) also includes complete installation guide (with screenshots) that will help to install the plug-in to your website, fast and secure.

We would love to hear from you. Punch in your questions or comments you have. Thanks a lot for your valuable time, please do share your thoughts & ideas below to help us to help you.

Andolasoft (Magento Team)

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