Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Remote or Virtual Team

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Remote or Virtual Team

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In recent time, it has been seen that more and more business owners are open to remote teams; whereas, some entrepreneur are still in dilemma whether to hire remote team because they don’t have any clue how to adapt to remote group. So today, here I will pinpoint some points that will help entrepreneur to make decision easily.


Advantages to hiring remote or virtual team:

1. Get better talent at much low cost: You can hire people who are either in your city or eager to move and you know great talent doesn’t live next door. Sometime, even if you get that talent near to, but may be out of your budget. However remote team is providing a feasible option to hire best talent from anywhere in the world and that will be within your budget.

2. Low office cost: Office Rent, electricity, computer, and other equipment added significant ongoing cost. So again by hiring remote team you can easily cut out this unnecessary costs.

3. Increased productivity: If you think employees working in an office are more productive than remote team, then the report released on Staples Advantage is definitely an eye opening for you.

  • 48% of remote workers say they are less stressed
  • 53% of employers with remote workers report more productive employees
  • 75% of business decision makers notice happier employees

Generally remote team get much longer and uninterrupted period of time to get more productive work.

4. Saving time from unproductive meetings: Generally unnecessary meeting and distraction from co-worker waste productive time a lots. These are some common problem in office which can be easily rid out by hiring a remote team.

5. Provide flexible time option: Remote team helps you to work 24*7 basis which again speedup your productivity.

6. If your job is temporary in nature: If you are a business owner and want a team who can work for you for fixed time period on contract basis then again remote team is nice option for you. You can easily scale up or reduce or team as per your requirements.

7. Professional Approach : It has been seen that remote teams follow more professional approach than in-house team to their job rather because they are looking for long run business association with the entrepreneur.

Problem of working with distributed or remote team:

1. Lack of communication between remote team and you : It is very much obvious that, if you work with in-house team, then you can easily go to someone desk at any time and do the casual discussion; where in case of virtual team you have to schedule a meeting to discuss about your project. Definitely this is a major issue but in the flip side it will spare bunches of time which will devoured by ineffective talk and diversion from companions. Likewise that, the virtual team made extra, deliberate  effort to ensure that they communicate with smoothly.

Some of the tools that help you to communicate with you virtual team: Skype , OrangeScrum(Project Management tool), Basecamp, Google Dropbox and Hangouts etc. Also see our previous post: Top 10 simple tools you should know for working with remote team

2. Hard to work with remote time : More often that remote teams belongs to different timezone, so it gets hard to work at the same time with remote team that you can generally do with your office employees, and it becomes one of major issue people find remote team is not viable option for them. However, it learns you to work asynchronously.

Really the hindrances of working a virtual group are blessings in disguise.

If you opt for remote developers who work on your project dedicatedly, then Andolasoft is an ideal and savvy option for you.

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Jayadev Das

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    Ved Raj
    Posted at 22:20h, 22 June Reply

    A great post to go through. The limitations like communication problem and time collaboration of both the parties are simply nullified in these days. Most of the remote development companies provide developers with excellent communication skills who work in flexible shifts (that is feasible for their clients).
    So in my view hiring remote development company for your project is truly a profitable idea.


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    Posted at 02:05h, 03 September Reply

    Nice thoughts. Hiring remotely can both be advantage and disadvantage to the business. But lots of top companies now are experiencing more of the advantages. Like what I read in this link that I would like to share here,

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