Sweet Journey | New iOS app from Andolasoft

Sweet Journey | New iOS app from Andolasoft

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We are excited to announce that ‘Sweet Journey’ – a diary app is now in App Store. Deployed last week, got overwhelming responses with over 100 downloads around the world. It is a personal diary on the go. You could use it as a journal or photo album to keep your memories safe. Capture photos, videos and take notes, all in one app.

Download ‘Sweet Journey’ from App-Store







Journals and diaries are great to use, but it is vulnerable to threats like damage, lost. So, we came-up with an unique app idea to make note taking easier. If you like to carry around a journal and scribble notes, why not capture that on your iPhone or iPad. It would be easier, faster and insightful. You could do more than just writing notes and taking photos.

What you can do with Sweet Journey

  • Create notes with date and time
  • Capture snaps and videos with tags and timestamp
  • Record voices with tags and timestamp
  • Save photos with Geo-tag to see in map view, based on location
  • Store memories in one gallery and sort as per day, month and year

Here’s what we did:

  • Designed the application logo, user interfaces (UI/UX) and animation effects
  • Developed the app in native language i.e. Objective-C and Cocoa Touch framework
  • Devised the application process and flow from navigation to monetization
  • Implemented Tapku SDK
  • Used iCarousel library for paged and scroll view
  • Deployed the app to App Store within 3 weeks since the initiation of project

So, go ahead; download the app and see how ‘SweetJourney’ can help memories last forever. Feel free to write reviews in iTunes.
















Meera M. Monalisa
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