How we turned a Great Idea into iOS App – The Inside Story

How we turned a Great Idea into iOS App – The Inside Story

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Sandra M, an Occupational Therapist (OT) in the USA, came-up with the original idea and approached us to put it into iPhone app development as well as iPad app development. Here, the therapists share their expertise through the app thereby mentoring new parents through shared interventions.

The ‘LittleSteps’ iOS app is now in App Store. In a short span of time, hundreds of downloads have been done across the USA, Germany, Australia, India, Philippines, UK, China, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Egypt, Germany and Canada.


The ‘LittleSteps’ App is aimed to collaborate and share OT interventions to address developmental delay in the areas of fine motor, gross motor, feeding, sensory integration, visual motor, behavior, language development and social skills for children below 3 yrs. With the free version a user can share interventions applied to other users. However, the paid version allows OT to store customer data in the device itself.

For Occupation Therapists, it provides a platform to share knowledge and take care of certain condition during baby’s growth. For parents, it acts as a companion that makes them knowledgeable on baby care.

Being one of the best iPhone App Development Companies, we came-up with the right solutions that turned Sandra’s idea into a working iOS app. We included numerous functionalities and integrations that made it engaging and simple for the users. We used Orangescrum, the project collaboration tool to keep-up with the development process.


See what users are saying about the app?

  • “Very informative! Great app to download!”
  • “OMG, this is an exceptionally amazing app that has transformed the way we approach raising our babies. A must for all parents”

Here’s what we did:

  • Designed the application logo, the user interfaces (UI/UX)
  • Developed the app in native language i.e. Objective-C and Cocoa Touch framework
  • Devised the application process and flow from navigation to monetization
  • Introduced the feature of In-app purchase for premium users
  • Introduced push notification feature to share texts instantly
  • Tested the app’s performance with AppFlight SDK
  • Deployed the app to Apple App Store within 9 weeks since the initiation of project

In addition to above mentioned functionalities, we have introduced numerous other features that make it a state-of-the-art application.

So, go ahead; download the app and see how ‘LittleSteps’ can help you and your baby. Feel free to write reviews in iTunes.





Meera M. Monalisa
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