SwiftKey has unveiled its version 4 keyboard app for Android devices

SwiftKey has unveiled its version 4 keyboard app for Android devices


To be completely honest, most android users are not satisfied with the android’s default keyboard. It can be fiddly for some users, who write languages other than English on a daily basis. After all it doesn’t cater to everyone’s typing style either. However “SwiftKey” has always proved to be the best keyboard app alternative for the android platform. This time the developers at SwiftKey have launched its version 4 for the android devices

One of the best features of this keyboard is its ability to gradually learn the user’s typing preferences. It studies how a user writes over time and generates predictive texts for him, which is surprisingly accurate and better than any other applications. SwiftKey has also included its swipe like feature called the SwiftKey Flow which lets the user type sentences without lifting finger from the mobile screen. SwiftKey now supports over 60 international languages.

Here are some of the most notable features in version 4 release:

  • SwiftKey Flow is a gesture typing feature that facilitates the users to write sentences simply by gliding over the keys. It also adds auto-correction ability as-well-as predicts the possible next words while typing.
  • It can also be blend with tap inputs and switching mid-word.
  • If the predicted word is correct then it can be inserted by simply lifting the finger off.
  • Flow through space lets the user type a complete sentence in one motion without lifting the finger, to give spaces between the words.
  • It supports word prediction for over 60 languages like Javanese, Sundanese, and Vietnamese etc with both auto-correction and word prediction abilities.
  • Easier correction and auto adaptability to users typing style.

According to reports Android application development with SwiftKey’s SDK now supports iOS, JVM, Linux, Mac OS-X, Windows, and C++ etc. SwiftKey had released its Flow feature in the last October and its Beta version was tested with a community of million users.  Being awarded numerous times for its keyboard application, it surely is one of the best android keyboard apps, plus it comes with a reasonable price.

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