Android 4.2.2 brings minor updates for the Nexus users with improvements in Bluetooth audio issue

Android 4.2.2 brings minor updates for the Nexus users with improvements in Bluetooth audio issue

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Android’s latest 4.2.2 update is already released and beginning to roll out for its Nexus devices. This update will late be availed to other Mobile devices too. Since its last update i.e. Android 4.2.1 during the late November, 4.2.2 appears to have minor fixes only.

Android 4.2.2 update has primarily resolved the issue of audio streaming over Bluetooth that used to skip during the operation. Reddit user WeeManFoo quoted “Bluetooth streaming works better (compared to 4.2.1) but it’s not perfect” and mentioned that for other notable fixes or features to 4.2.2, users might have to wait for an official changelog.

WeeManFoo also referred that his Galaxy Nexus still gets disconnected from Bluetooth speakers when switching from Wi-Fi to a 3G data connection. So, it appears that there is still some work to be done by the android developers.

Google has also modified the new ‘Quick Settings panel’ introduced in Android 4.2.2. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons in the panel can now be turned OFF and ON by long-pressing the icons, instead of browsing to their respective settings panels.

Google has also introduced a notification sound for wireless charging and has changed the notification sound that indicates that the phone or tablet’s battery is running low.

None of these are major changes, but they sure bring the refinements that we expect from a minor update. Android 4.2.2 continues to roll out to Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices however Nexus 4 users will have to wait for now.

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