2013 will bring these 3 trends for the Software Testers

2013 will bring these 3 trends for the Software Testers

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Mobile applications have emerged as the most frequently used software platform in the last year. Numerous Testers and Developers spent a substantial amount of their time, testing security related issues. And we also saw that some software testers took the role of business partners rather than bug fixers.

Software Testers will also face some major testing trends this year. Here we have outlined some upcoming trends to look after.

Mobile compatible web application

Since last year, mobile usage has been increasing at a very faster pace. People are using mobile phones more than ever, from checking emails to browsing the web. But most of the companies are still not ready for this trend. Because of the smaller screen size, it possesses the biggest problem of usability.

Developers have also created mobile websites but they are relatively slower when compared to a computer webpage. This year, performance testing of mobile sites is expected to be most promising trend.

Server Performance and cross browser compatibility Testing

The integration of third party apps and the success of JavaScript will deeply affect client side performance. The year 2013 will bring the testers attention towards browser performance and server performance testing.

Although all browsers are expected to behave the same way across all platforms, but this is always not true, therefore more emphasis will be given on automated cross-browser compatibility testing.

Agile Software Development

Agile software development practices are getting popular among the software companies. It is essential for the software testers to adopt a versatile approach. The design and execution of the tests are to be performed at the same time. The priority for most of the companies is to deliver the services quickly and creatively.

At Andolasoft we have expert team of quality analyst and testing engineers with strong market specific testing experience to provide extensive Quality Assurance Services throughout the product life-cycle. We also execute cloud based testing to provide the best in quality product services and always look forward to upcoming trends in Software Testing.

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