Why cakePHP is popular? And the role of CakePHP developer

Why cakePHP is popular? And the role of CakePHP developer

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CakePHP is an open source PHP based rapid development framework. It offers great run-time infrastructure along with abundant set of libraries for CakePHP developers. Cake PHP development is supported by the MVC (Model View and Controller) architecture which differentiates the programming logic from the data presentation layer.

It also features other programming concepts like Front Controller, Association Data Mapping and Active Record. Along with these, there are numerous other features that make CakePHP one of the most preferred web development frameworks among others.

Let’s take a look at some features here

Wide Community:

CakePHP developers are supported by huge peers who make use of this framework. There are many contributors and programmers who share the community. For this reason, using the framework is simpler for development as well as for research.


It facilitates the developers in saving a lot of efforts through PHP development. Because the programmer make use of a prewritten code for more than one project. In other words, they can focus on the logical and creative part of application whereas the tedious task of coding could be handled with ease.

Open Source:

The framework is open source, for which the CakePHP developers do not have to spend any amount in the process of development and have complete access to its source code. It also assists the developers in adding robustness and improves performance in web applications.

Some of the roles of CakePHP developers include

    • Manage development efforts and framework efficiently
    • Support product releases
    • Ability to handle lot of projects in less time
    • Overall review of the quality & progress of the work
    • Support stable user growth

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