Key points for successful iPhone Development

Key points for successful iPhone Development

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iphone2After the introduction of iOS platform and the application development possibilities, it has paved new business opportunities for the IT industries as well as individual developers. With the rapidly growing app industry it has become demanding to keep track of changing technology. Here we have come up with some major key points which should be kept in mind by the developer at the time of iPhone application development.

  • Drive revenue for your business by integrating  ‘Geo-Targeted push Notification’, ‘Geo-Targeted Advertising’
  • Integrate NFC (near field communication) system to your application.
  • Use App analytics to monitor the app’s influence on the market. Target your audience and bring market specific features to you app.
  • Avoid these flaws in your mobile app development
  • Irrelevant push notification in the app
  • Sending unnecessary “Rate my app” request to users
  • Integrating Facebook and other social networking sites unnecessarily
  • Avoid using full screen ads. Users hate this.
  • Try to prefer building Native Apps for iPhones to web apps, because some web technologies are still not compatible with the iOS platform.
  • Design intriguing UI to compel the user to use your app. Take inspiration from other successful Mobile application to generate similar experience for the users.
  • iOS development supports numerous programming languages other than Objective-C, such as Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js etc. Choose the language you are comfortable with.
  • Design your app so that it uses minimal battery power. Users are more concerned about the phone battery rather than the app itself.
  • Develop cross-platform apps, so that it can be released for other mobile operating systems.
  • Never build iPhone app that mimics the look and feel of other operating system.
  • Never overdo the application animations and graphics.

iPhone applications are the fastest evolving apps in the app industry. That’s why at Andolasoft, our iPhone application developers keep their skills updated with the latest technology and latest iOS releases to match the competitive market. Here we develop engaging iPhone application to meet our customer’s business requirements.

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