Apple iPhone Smartwatch is expected in early 2013

Apple iPhone Smartwatch is expected in early 2013

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iwatchThe year 2013 is supposed to see some amazing technological innovations. This would be the year of wearable smart devices and compact gadgets. From recent news it is now revealed that, tech giants like Apple has decided to develop a smartwatch. It will be developed to facilitate easy accessibility to the apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. And it is also expected to be available during the early 2013

‘Apple’ has teamed up with ‘Intel’ to create this Bluetooth-equipped wearable smartwatch to sync operations and notifications with the iPhone. It would allow the users to remotely access the phone from their wrist, without necessarily holding the phone when needed. That means the users can send text messages, make calls and update their Facebook status directly from their watches.

With an embedded Siri- integration and a 1.5in display, an iPhone compatible smartwatch is definitely in a high demand. It is expected to run certain version of iOS for which it will give more opportunities to the iPhone developers around the world. This new device, assumed as the ‘iWatch’ would be a hot favorite among the phone lovers in this year.

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