Vuzix’s smart glass will change, the way we work with computers

Vuzix’s smart glass will change, the way we work with computers

vuzix-smart-glassesWith the advancing technology, computers have been evolving through years to become more compact to the users. First there were desktops then they came to the laps and then to the hands, now the next generation computers will be right in front of our eyes in the form of wearable eye glasses. There are a lot of companies, who have been developing wearable computers, but they were shipped only for the military purposes and never to the public. Recently Google stunned the technology industry by announcing their plans to sell Google Glass to the public market.  But it turned out that Google isn’t the only one trying to make smart glasses in order to bring computers to a person’s field of vision.

A New-York based technology industry ‘Vuzix’ has unveiled a hands-free smart device that comes with an integrated “virtual display” eyepiece, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 720p HD camera, and motion sensors. The Vuzix smart glasses can sync up a smart phone or tablet. It contains a microphone, an earpiece, a camera, and motion and GPS sensors, and it’s capable enough to run any version of Android operating system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enables it to be linked to a smartphone to project a small display, positioned in the wearer’s vision, which provides a comfortable viewing area equivalent to having a four-inch smartphone display in hands. The device is ideal for those who need to be connected to the cloud at all time.

The device is expected to start with relatively few features but eventually it will become more impressive as the Android app developers develop software for it. The glasses will get data and information from an app installed on a user’s Android device. This technology will change the way we experience and work with computers and smartphones. It will also bring new possibility for the android application developers to create apps specifically for the Vuzix smart glasses.

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