Apple AppStore, Google Play & Revenue Earnings

Apple AppStore, Google Play & Revenue Earnings

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Apple Store, Google Play StoreWe all know that Google and Apple are the most dominating players in the smartphone industry and they get most of their revenues from their application stores i.e. ‘Google Play’ and ‘App Store’ respectively.

But according to a new study from App Annie Intelligence, both Google and Apple have shown interesting numbers in their respective application stores.

App Annie Intelligence has been monitoring numerous apps from Google Play and App Store to measure their performance based on the volume of apps being downloaded and the revenues being earned from their apps.

According to their report, Google Play has seen phenomenal growth in revenue in October 2012, which has increased by a staggering 311% compared to January 2012, but it’s still unable to match App Store, which attracted four times more revenues despite of growing just 12.9% in the same period.

Since the release of the report, Apple has disagreed App Annie’s numbers by saying that App Store’s revenue grew over 200% and not just 12.9%, but later it was revealed that both companies were right in their own way because the two entities were looking at the growth differently.

Practically Apple has grown around 200% every year, but according to App Annie, Apple’s growth is 12.9% in October 2012 counting from January 2012. So it turned out that both Apple and App Annie were right.

According to other findings from the study, there are other interesting statistics like:

  • 10% more free downloads are available from App Store compared to Google Play
  • Only 3.3% growth in app downloads for App Store whereas 48% growth is seen for Google Play in the last five months

In the recent past USA was listed for the highest iOS app downloads with 26% than the rest of the world and the revenue collected for the same was 33% of the rest of the world.

Whereas for Android 21% of app downloads came from USA and collected around 29% of revenue from Japan. Among the free mobile game apps for iOS, companies like EA, Gameloft and Facebook pulled maximum downloads and for Google Play, the top free app publishers are Google, Facebook, Rovio, Go Launcher.

Taking revenue into consideration the grossing iOS apps were from companies like EA, Zynga, Supercell. For Google Play the leaders were DeNA, COLOPL and GungHo Online.

There are other free iPhone and Android apps which also play a major role in generating revenues and traffic to the application stores. At the same time, iPhone application development and Android application development both are improving day by day.

We at Andolasoft have team of iPhone application developers and Android application developers to provide business solutions. We have developed iOS apps like Orangewall, Andolapic and kurrentjobs and Android apps like Christmas Tree Puzzle which you can download Free from App Store and Google Play.

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Apple AppStore, Google Play & Revenue Earnings
We all know that Google and Apple are the most dominating players in the smartphone industry and they get most of their revenues from their application stores i.e. ‘Google Play’ and ‘App Store’ respectively.
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